Cheap and Practical!

Our family computer has a lot files and those are mostly from hubs' tournament records and the kids' school records.  Then they have tons of photos and other internet files that they say, they can't do without.  I've thought of buying additional hard drives but when I checked the prices, the cost is out of my budget.

Hubs and I thought of using discs to save them but it would take a lot of time plus, they can easily be corrupted and damaged.  We've had several discs that contained some of my works but when I tried to retrieve some files, they were already corrupted.  A blogger friend suggested we try online backups.  She said there are companies that offer to store your files online for a minimal fee.  Then you can easily retrieve them whenever you need the files; no more tedious transfers and no more worries of the files getting corrupted.

It sounds like a great idea so I checked the online backup ratings so I can find the best and the cheapest.  The process was pretty easy.  As soon as I have finished with the registration, I just upload all my files.  That's it!

If you also need file backups, I strongly recommend that you do it online.  You save yourself from doing the tedious work of transferring files and labeling each disc, and you save yourself money from buying hard drives or discs.

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