More Than Just a Hard Drive

A few months after the iPhone 4s was released, my two-year contract with my carrier recently ended.  There was an offer to upgrade my plan so I could avail of the new phone.  I already had the 3GS so I was debating on renewing and upgrading the contract or not.  But then I thought, why not?  I've worked so hard and I deserve a little reward.  So I recently got my new phone and there are three things that I love about it.  First it's Siri.  The kids and I are having fun asking Siri so many questions.  Second is the camera.  The photos are very clear and there's just so much to do with it.  Lastly, it's the iCloud.  It's more than just a hard drive because you can easily store everything wirelessly and push them to all your other devices.

iCloud is so cool that I searched for a similar storage for all our files in our PCs.  I found top cloud storage. There are a few other companies but top cloud tops all ratings.  The developers of this cloud offers  to save all your computer (even company files!) virtually for a very minimal fee.  Just like with iCloud, you can easily access any or all your files with just a few clicks of your mouse.  The files are secured too so you don't have to worry about anyone else getting access of your files or someone else hacking your account.  Hubs is now relieved that all his important documents are secured with top cloud.

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