Decorating with Lights

When we decorate a home, lighting are usually the last items that we install or change in a room.  But a friend who happens to be an interior decorator told me that it should be the first because it is from the lighting that you can add style, increase the function, and drama to a room.  It makes sense because once all your furniture are placed in the room, the look of your room will always be the same unless you rearrange them to create a different look.  However, if proper lighting is installed; the mood in the room can easily change depending on the color and brightness of your lights. Each mood can create a different look.

Dim lights suggest quieter nights while bright lights create a cheerful mood.  It would be a great idea to choose a mixture of lighting when decorating a room; don't just stick with chandeliers or lamps.  You can place semi flush ceiling lights, pin lights, undercabinet lights, and pendant light fixtures in one room to create different options.  Just make sure that you don't overdo it or your home might look like a store.  You can ask an expert to help you out or you can look for home decorating ideas online to help you decorate your room.

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