Having Fun with Machine Embroidery Designs

Although I miss stitching and embroidery so much I can still have all the designs I like with my new discovery, machine embroidery designs.  If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you probably know that I do cross stitch, needlepoint and hardanger embroideries, but I have stopped doing projects ever since I started wearing reading glasses.  I miss those times and I miss joining the contests.  I didn't always win but it was fun and I have met a lot of stitchers from all over the country; we've shared tips and even patterns.

One project takes months to finish especially if you are working on a large project.  I remember my winning piece took almost a year to get done.  It was a rice harvesting scene taken from the painting of Jose Blanco.  I used more than 50 colors for that project alone.  It was a real challenge because I also had to watch out for the back; it had to be as clean as possible.  Knots and crisscross stitches are a no-no!  The stitches were checked before you could qualify and it was only after checking that you can frame the project.  It was difficult but I had fun and the 1st prize medal I got from it made me forget about all the sleepless hours. 

I miss those times and I wish I could go back to stitching (sighs).  Anyway, the website I found sells digistitches.  These are machine embroidery designs that you can make into different projects; bags, dresses; shirts; table runners, place mats; etc.  I might not have personally embroidered them but I get to sew them into different things.  And it's more fun now that we have twins; doing their shirts and dresses are keeping me busy.  If you love embroideries and you like sewing dresses or things for your home, why don't you check out the website?

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