The Battle Against the Wires

My husband has finally installed the last one of the remaining wireless intercom system. Taking out the intercom and pulling out the wires took longer than installing the new intercom system. No more messy wireless that easily wear out. The new wireless system has no wires to change every so often. No more cranky husband who has to deal with busted wires every few months. No matter how much he insulates those wires, elements and even insects still manage to get into them. The trip to the mall was well worth it. My husband was able to discover the existence of wireless intercom and driveway alarms.  There were other wireless systems and gadgets there but that's a different story. He says, the driveway alarm is his next project and after that, he'd install a remote car starter in each of our cars.

What really matters most for my husband is that he has finally solved the problems of conventional intercom had been giving him all these years. Those pesky wires were just too much for him. We have seen the last of the intercom wire headaches. You could see the satisfaction and triumph on my husband's face as he tightened the last screw. He was smiling, elated that he has won the war of the wires. He finished up, tested the intercom in the kitchen and cleaned his tools. I'm sure he's excited to start with his next project.

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