I prefer chimes than the usual buzzer. It's more pleasant to the ear and doesn't jolt out of your senses. The new fad are wireless doorbells. I've ben nagging my poor husband to get me one. They're neat, more practical and without those unsightly cables. I don't know how many times we've changed doorbells. The wires go bad or the bell simply conks out. Moisture often sips in the wire's skin and just eats away at it. A wireless doorbell doesn't have that problem and the doorbell is less susceptible to the elements. My husband loves to test new products and I'm pretty sure he's just waiting for some free time from his busy schedule to get me one of these.

I have gone down to his favorite hardware store to see if they have these in stock. I've also asked the owner to explain to me how a wireless door bell works. It's easy to install and a good DIY guy would have no problem installing it. My hubby's a good handyman and he would want to be the one to install the gadget. He's having a 4-day leave next week, he'll finally have time to get me a new doorbell.

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