Preventing Data Loss

Networks often suffer data loss or leaks. Big business, especially those with huge clientele like financial institutions go to great lengths to secure their data base. Hackers often target this to get information on prospective targets. Most use these information for identity theft. DLP is a serious issue. IT departments spend time and money to ensure the integrity and security of their data. Application control is the heart of this operation. Access is highly limited. Even presidents of companies cannot access these files.

With the entry of the Cloud, data becomes harder to protect. Data can easily be transferred or even stolen by a persistent hacker. This makes cloud security even more important. Data, like your contacts on your phone can be grabbed by just anyone. Telephone companies are always on their toes to prevent this. Unintentional access can also occur. Sharing use of a computer can sometimes cause this. A stolen laptop can give a criminal access to information on all your contacts. They can easily steal your identity and hoodwink your friends.

I can just imagine the investment that goes into data protection. The better the security, the more comfortable your clients will feel. The more secure your data is, the more stable your company will be. 

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