Soaks for Health

Last week, I've been telling you guys about the second branch of my friend's spa/salon.  She will be introducing something new that even I, can't wait to try.

When she went to Australia a couple of months ago, she had tried going to a hot spring and it gave her an idea.  We also have hot springs here but they are in the south of Luzon.  She can't put up a mineral spa in the heart of Manila but installing a salt water hot tub is doable.  I'm not so sure if she will be the first one to introduce that here but I don't think I've seen it in spa advertisements.

I know salt water can be very beneficial especially to our skin because I read somewhere that it is a good cleansing agent.  The minerals in the water can soothe the skin and relieve your aches and pains.  Plus, salt is antibacterial so it can reduce inflammation.  Bathing in salt water can be beneficial to us.

Jann is already looking for hot tub supplies and she plans to advertise her salt water tub a few weeks before opening.  I'm sure a lot of women (and even men) will be excited about this.

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