Even At The Mall

Banks and credit card companies are going on a marketing blitz. Their agents are everywhere, even at the mall. I saw all the big guns of credit at the mall I frequent. All the best credit cards are there with their agents and booths. Some of the best credit cards even have gift items for applicants. An agent handed me a credit card application for their bank and handed me a pen as a gift for just simply accepting the application form she handed me. One even offers on the spot approval. One waives the first year annual fee, while one raffles off stuff. From the looks of it, these marketing strategies work. Judging from the long lines of applicants, they must really doing good.

It is a good strategy to reach out to potential clients instead of wait for them to go to your bank and apply for a credit card. People are usually wary of banks. They seem to be too imposing to most. This drives away potential customers. Most also have tie-ups with stores that give the cardholder discounts. Some offer zero percent interest plans when you're buying a gadget or appliance. Others give out points that one could use for rebates. One also offers points for every purchase made but they offer gift certificates for accumulating a certain number of points. They're really everywhere.

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