Reducing Carbs

I was surprised to read about Kate Middleton's diet before her royal wedding.  I mean, she was already slim so I didn't see the need to diet. Naturally, I was curious.  I wanted to know what she did to keep the pounds off.  I've been in and out of different diets but nothings seems to work for me.  Could her diet be the answer to my sleeping thyroid?

She used The Dukan Diet.  It's a low carb food diet that can cure the syndrome that's packing fat on most women.  It calls for low calorie food and an increase in protein intake.  I better start snacking on healthy muffins and eat lots of fruits and vegetables if I'll start cutting back on carbs.

I did more research on this and according to the women who have tried this diet, it doesn't just pare pounds; The Dukan Diet addresses the underlying cause of weight gain.  No wonder many women are raving about this diet; you can still eat what you like without risking regain.  I am gonna look for more low carb meal plans before I start with The Dukan Diet.  I want to have a variety so it won't get monotonous.

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