Feed Your Skin with Green Tea

photo credit: mdidea.com

I'm sure you already know that antioxidants are very beneficial to the body as well as the skin.  They fight free radicals that cause inflammation and rid the body of toxins.  I am also sure you already know that green tea extracts offer a lot of the beneficial antioxidants.  If you drink the brew, you'll enjoy a lot of internal benefits; the antioxidants in green tea are known to fight cancer and other major diseases.  But did you know that green tea's rich stores of polyphenols can also fight the early signs of aging?  Yup!  Green tea extracts helps  hydrate skin to keep it smooth and looking young.  But when you shop for beauty products containing green tea, make sure there’s enough green tea extract.  It might not be effective if there is too little.  According to experts, creams containing an adequate amount of green tea will look brown, so that's your cue.

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