A Beautiful Wedding

My daughter is lucky to have a very good friend who happens to be an event manager. They have known each other since high school and Lou promised her that once she becomes an events coordinator, she'll be the one to take care of my daughter's wedding.  Now she is an expert when it comes to organizing corporate events, weddings, and even concerts and social events.

When my daughter and her husband got married last March, her friend did all the event management and planning.  She and her long-time boyfriend were scheduled to board the cruise ship last April so they decided to get married before leaving.  The couple was set on having just a civil wedding and a quiet reception because there was so little time, but her best friend insisted that she can arrange for a church or chapel wedding.

With so little time, her best friend did miracles and produced a simple yet elegant wedding.  From the church to the reception and even the flowers and gowns, she was able to arrange all these in a hurry.  No wonder her boss is all praises to her.  She found a jewel in this girl.  Lou is well connected; she was able to hire a florist and a Dj in so little time.  The wedding was beautiful and truly memorable.  Lou made her best friend the happiest by giving her a wonderful wedding.

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