The Vest Says It All

I've been involved with a non-government organization for several years now. Our advocacy is women empowerment and informed choice. New members are issued a Cool Vest bearing our organization's logo. Through the years, we have grown and our regular outreach programs continue to educate mothers and even single women on how to manage and handle a family. Even husbands have shown interest in our seminars. We do have male members too and they also receive Cool Vests but with a different color, a more masculine one. My husband is one of our avid supporters. His company often give donations for our programs.

It is very fulfilling to be able to educate women of their rights, their health and their role in society. We also have support groups for single mothers and battered women. One does not have to suffer in silence or be at a loss when confronted with family and marital issues. The family is the basic unit of society. It has to be strong and should founded on values. We however do not have any religious sects involved with our organization. We would like to be perceived as independent and unbiased. I hope we can reach more women and help families who are in need.

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