Low Energy Rates

I'm sure I am not the only one complaining about the ever increasing prices of grocery products, and high gas and energy rates.  I am also sure that like me, you look for ways to save and earn extra income to help in the expenses.

Not everyone of us are as lucky to live in areas where there are low electric rates.  My sister happens to enjoy a lot of savings from her energy bill since she has become an ambit energy customer.  I guess she was one of the lucky ones because she also gets free energy credits from the company.  She was one of the first users of this service and having referred a lot of customers; she was given free energy credits.  It is only available in several states but pretty soon, with lots of expansions going on, they be able to service the whole country. 

Back here we can only avail of gadgets where you can plug your appliances so they won't eat up much energy.  The energy rates remain the same (always going up!) and there are times that their service is very poor.   I hope a company like that would open up here so we too, can enjoy lower rates.

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