Mrs. J.'s Veneers

My neighbor, Mrs. Javier is showing me her new veneers.  Last week, one of her upper front teeth broke.  Her teeth had become brittle, probably because of her age (Mrs. J. is already 55).  I actually envy her (not the broken tooth though) because at her age, she still has a complete set of teeth.  No dentures and not even a porcelain crown.

She says she was able to afford the veneers because her daughter had a dental plan for their family.  She only paid half of what was usually charged for dental services.  I remember spending almost thirty thousand pesos for my porcelain crowns a few years back.  I have never heard about dental insurance plans then so I really went way out of budget that time.  It was only recently that I got my family a plan and although none of us has used this for major dental services, my family enjoys a fifty percent discount on cleaning services.  Paying an annual fee on dental insurance is not bad considering the great discounts that you can get with the services.

Mrs. J. plans to have all her front teeth in veneers.  The upper teeth are finished so she'll be going back for the her lower teeth.  If she didn't have a dental plan, she will be spending so much on these services.

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