She's Going Wireless Too

Now we’re not the only ones who's going wireless.  When my mom in law learned that hubs installed a wireless doorbell on our front door, she asked him if he could also do it on her door.  MIL has an old bell but she must be getting tired of it.  It's still working but she wants hubs to pull it out.  She found our door chime kind of cute so before going home last week, she and my father in law passed by the hardware to look for wireless doorbells.

FIL is volunteering to install it but MIL is doubtful he can do it so she asked if my husband could drop by next weekend and install it.  FIL is suffering from a bout of dementia, he might not be able to do it properly even if the wireless doorbell is easy to install.

So this weekend, instead of them coming here to visit us, we will all go there so hubs can set it up.  MIL will finally get rid of the dangling wires, haha.  Ever since she retired from work, she always complained about cleaning and how she hated the unsightly wires.  MIL is not the only one who's excited about this weekend, the kids are looking forward to visit them because she'll be baking a cake!

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