Movie Marathons at Home

Getting that popcorn machine is really a great idea.  My family loves to watch movies at home.  On weekends, instead of going out, we'd have a marathon and nosh on popcorn.  I used to buy boxes of microwave popcorn so the kids can have them any time even if we were not watching movies.

When I there was a sale on popcorn machines at the mall last month, I bought one.  What I did was buy a few bags of plain popcorn to cook which are a lot cheaper than the microwaveable ones and a few bottles of flavorings.  I've been saving a lot since then and the kids are having fun cooking the popcorn by themselves.

Tomorrow, my son's friends will be coming over to watch the Star Wars movies.  I'll be busy preparing lots of food tomorrow and hubs volunteered to make the popcorn.  I doubt he'll be able to do that.  Once the kids see my cute popcorn machine, I'm sure they'd be happy to make their own popcorn.

So you see, it was really a good idea to have that machine.  Not only do I save money from boxes of microwave popcorn; I also save money from pricey movie tickets.

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