Think Wireless

Wireless seems to be the in thing right now when it comes to gadgets.  I have to admit that I was awed when I first saw a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.  I mean, really it's not a big deal but I found it really cool.  Nowadays, everything seems to be wireless; wireless intercom; wireless doorbell; wireless microphone; wireless phone; etc. 

Wireless gadgets are very practical to use.  Aside from the fact that they are easier to install, there will be no wires to clip or hide.  There are times that I can get too clumsy and I will admit that I have tripped several times because of tangled wires.  They are even more embarrassing because those accidents happened in my store where a lot of people saw me.  I had to hire an electrician just to fix the messy wires.  When the old intercom system needed replacement; hubs also made sure he bought a wireless unit.  The wires at the store are now kept neat; there are no dangling wires anymore so there's no chance of tripping again.

I guess that's another reason why wireless gadgets have become popular. You feel safer especially when you have toddlers who love to roam around the house.  Next time you're installing a gadget, think wireless.

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