In Denial

For most parents, it's hard to admit that something is wrong with your child.  That's what happened to my cousin when another parent from her son's school commented that her son might be suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).  Adrian can't sit still for more than a minute.  He is always very active and is having a difficult time focusing in school.  Actually, not just in school but even at home. 

My cousin felt very hurt when she heard the comment; she was crying when she came to me.  I explained to her that it would be best to bring Adrian to a doctor because it might be true.  She was of course, in denial but her mom finally convinced her to have Adrian checked.  True enough, the test results were positive.  Adrian is suffering from ADHD.  It was hard for her to admit but she had to if she wants to help her son.  Treatment was recommended and a drug was given to help bring back the balance in the brains and nerves.  She also researched about the drug and found that users have significantly improved with it.  It was also good that she did because she found out she can buy adderall online.  The nearest pharmacy is miles away from their house; ordering online is more convenient.

The whole family is praying that Adrian's ADHD will be cured.  This is the first case in our family and we are all working hard to support my cousin.

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