Under One Roof

And I thought I have seen everything. My husband just discovered EquipSupply. It's an online shopping mall for DIYs, When I say DIYs, I don't mean just construction or carpentry. This shop also caters to party and events DIYs. I couldn't peel him off the computer. He's like a kid on Christmas day. He is a DIY guy and loves organizing parties too. He has built several tables and benches which we use when we have barbecues and parties. They also have canopies and tents which my husband is very much interested in. When he's in the mood for a barbecue, he doesn't want the weather ruining it.

Of course the site sells his favorite stuff, tools, lots of tools. They have both hand and power tools. They even have tools for metal fabrication. He uses these on his restoration projects. Aside from building cabinets and shelves, he also makes frames with intricate designs. He has done several of our doors and constructed his work shed on his own. They also have some of the specialty tools that are quite hard to find and acquire. I suppose he'll soon be ordering tools left and right. Having all of them under one roof just made his hobby a whole lot easier. 

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