Wedding Cake Toppers - Show Stoppers

I recall one of my friends' wedding which our group helped prepare. She gave specific instructions to us that she wanted something out of the ordinary. She doesn't want an iota of tradition. She wants something that would describe her gregarious personality and her fiance's somewhat geeky personality. While some of us busied ourselves with the motif and the wedding decorations that would go with it, a couple of our friends volunteered to take care of the cake and food. The menu was finished in no time. The list of food to be served was perfect. They looked at several wedding cake toppers for the three-tiered fondant cake. They took several snapshots of the toppers and we voted which ones we will use. The toppers were pretty hilarious and we had a hard time trying to stop laughing.

The wedding day arrived and our friend saw the fruits of our extraordinary work. She and her fiance couldn't stop laughing. Friends and family also couldn't stop snickering. The pastor had a wide grin all through the ceremony. The wedding decorations we chose were just the appetizer, everybody laughed out loud when the huge cake was rolled in. The toppers stole the show. Everyone clapped in appreciation when our friend introduced the architects of her wedding.  

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