Reach for Popcorn

Looking for a snack?  Reach for popcorn!  The snack is now being hailed for its rich stores of polyphenols, antioxidants known to combat cancer.  So go ahead, put two tablespoon of the gold kernels in your popcorn machine and you would get as much as 500 mg of the cancer-fighting compounds. 

An even more surprising news?  The yummy snack contains more of the healthy compounds than fruits and vegetables.  And just like fruits and vegetables, you can eat it as often as you want.  But hey, I didn't mention butter if that's what you're thinking.  Butter has lots of fat so if you are watching your weight or you have problems with your heart and cholesterol; it would be better to steer clear of this flavoring. You can find a lot of healthy dashes at your local stores or you can make your own.  You wouldn't believe salt and vinegar with a dash of cayenne pepper will make your popcorn superb.  Even my kids love it.  And what do you think about pesto popcorn?  Go ahead and find out for yourself.

If you still don't have a popcorn popper, you might want to click on the link for the best popcorn machines.

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