Finding the Right Hairbrush

With the wide array of hairbrushes available in the beauty aisles, how do you find the right brush that won't leave you pulling your hair out?  Well, there's a hairbrush for every length and hair style to make styling your mane the easy way!

The oval brush can help you detangle and smooth strands easily.  The combination of nylon and boar bristles also makes it a great scalp stimulator.  It will be a great idea to have one of these oval brushes in your arsenal.

The ceramic round brush will help you create shape during styling.  If you need volume; use this brush to create a lift.  The ceramic surface heats up during styling, creating an easy volume for your mane.

The wooden round brush can handle any texture, density or length.  Use this for a shiny and sleek finish.

The vented brush is a great tool if you are in a hurry.  This can be used for any length of hair.  The vents allow air to flow through while blow drying which makes your hair dry faster.  Very ideal for those with limp and flat hair.

The square paddle brush is also great at detangling.  It suits all hair types and is strong enough to tame thick and curly locks.

The skinny brush is your tool for a lasting volume.  It works for all types of hair; if you have fine hair work on larger sections and smaller sections for thick hair.  Brush only in a down, rather than an up and down, direction to prevent breakage.


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Max Coutinho said...

Stupendous post, Liza!

Thank you so much for the tips, loved them.

Have a great weekend, my dear!

Big hug and cheers

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