At The ER

It wan not only Sophie who was scared when we rushed her to the emergency room a few weeks ago.  Even I (the lola) and her mom were very scared because we didn't know what was causing her high fever.  She was having the chills and her color was very pale.  She was crying all the time that we were in the ER; she didn't want the doctors and med staff in scrub jackets to touch her.  Taking her temperature and getting wee samples were rather difficult so her mom and I had to assist the nurses.  It was a few hours later that we found out she had UTI (although the pedia already suspected it) because it was too hard to get samples.  Antibiotics were given and it was only after a couple of days more before she felt better.  It was a very frightening experience both for me and my daughter.

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Liza, really good one

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