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As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the year didn't start right for me; health wise.  It was on the first week of February when I started feeling numbness on the left side of my nape (sometimes it goes all the way down to my arm.  There was also this feeling of dizziness.  I knew something was wrong and I suspected hypertension because my mom also felt that way during her perimenopause years.

I had my blood pressure taken and it confirmed my suspicions; 144/95.  Still, I couldn't believe it.  Then when the thought finally set in; I came to accept it.  I was already 44 anyway and also approaching the perimenopause years. 

I used to skip working out but when I found out I have hypertension; I made it a point to do it daily (no matter what!).  I also made a lot of researches on healthy lifestyle tips.  I wanted to know if there are foods that I should avoid and what are the foods that I should eat a lot.

That's where I learned that the trick to healthy living is to make small changes.  Make changes a little at a time because if you take drastic steps; your body might get overwhelmed because you are not used to it.  By small changes I mean having an extra glass of water; if you only drank 4 glasses a day, try adding a glass each day until your body gets used to 8 to 10 glasses daily.  Also try to add more fruits to your diet; you can easily add them to cereals and salads.  And if you hated greens before, it's about time you teach yourself to start eating veggies. 

The tips may sound a little tough to some but believe me, once your body gets used to the changes; you'll never want to go back to your unhealthy lifestyle.

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