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Bad luck strikes when you least expect it and I hate it when the air conditioner breaks down when you need it most.  It's been terribly hot for the past few days so we've been using the air con a lot.  Then just this afternoon, it stopped working.  The air con is not so new and it was probably overworked.  The twins were very cranky because of the scorching heat. 

Today is a Sunday and I doubt I could call anyone to service the unit.  Just thinking about sleeping tonight with just a fan already makes me feel sweaty.  But then again, luck must be on my side.  As I was surfing the internet, I found chauffage montréal.  They can come and repair my air con anytime!  I am so glad there is an emergency service company that answers calls for this kind of problems.

So the repairmen came and told me that the unit's air duct is jammed that is why it stopped working.  No replacements needed.  They simply cleaned the air duct and voila!  The room is cool again and so is everyone's head.  What really impressed me was they were fast and very courteous.  As soon as they identified the problem, they worked on it right away.  I didn't pay much either so if you are ever in need of an air con service; try these guys.

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