Jewels of Singapore

My love of jewelry has taken me to many places the world over. My passion for jewelry has its roots in my blood. My father belongs to generations of jewelry designers and artisans. The chain of jewelry stores his family owns, and which I, along with three other cousins, will eventually run started in the early 1940s. My family has been in the jewelry trade for the most part of 70 years.

The craftsmen of the East have always mystified my artistic inclinations. The distinct oriental flavor which shows in their crafts and the intricacy of their designs has intrigued me since I began training in the family business. It provided the stimulus which brought me to the shores of Singapore.

My father saw an opportunity for business in my desire to visit Singapore so he supported my decision. It would be an educational visit as I intended to visit the finest jewelry stores in the small country. As always, before I go on a trip, I check to see the best places to buy jewelry online as the search always brings me to the best jewelry stores in an area. This time, the search brought me to a Lee Hwa jewelry review which told me that the Lee Hwa Jewelry chain is one of the best jewelry stores in Singapore. 

The Lee Hwa website presented an impressive list of credentials which convinced me that the first jewelry boutique I would visit when I get to Singapore would certainly be the Lee Hwa jewelers. While their collections are contemporary and draws inspirations from fashion trends of the season, I was confident that I would still see some vestiges of the Asian inspiration in their collections. Clearly, the target of the stores is the affluent and fashion forward women of Singapore and the surrounding countries. Singapore has developed into a major tourist destination of Asian travelers and those of the Middle East.  The company’s aggressive marketing approach and crisp management style has brought the chain into the forefront of the jewelry industry in Singapore.

The position of Lee Hwa in the jewelry market is best manifested by the trust exclusive brands such as Forevermark of De Beers, Destinée of Belgium, Furrer-Jacot of Switzerland, Annamaria Cammilli of Italy and Stenzhorn of Germany have placed in the company, allowing it to be the exclusive distributor of their brands in the region. The artisans of Lee Hwa have presented their unique creations and their innovation is best represented by their 19k solid Purple Gold line which they introduced in 2000. The purple gold of yore used to have an uneven color and was porous. Lee Hwa’s stable of artisans concocted a perfect mix of gold and other alloys to create a gold mixture that is strong yet malleable so that it can be coaxed into fabulous works of art. I knew at once that the Purple Gold collection of Lee Hwa Jewelry would be the one that I would be most interested in.

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