Custon-Made Wedding Invitations

A wedding planner usually starts with the wedding invitations. When we were planning our wedding, we had a hard time in choosing the design for our wedding invitations. I love orchids so my fiancée and I decided that orchids would be the central them of our wedding. Needless to say, I wanted orchids to be present in our wedding invitations as well.

I thought it best to have our wedding invitations customized because I wanted orchids to be central to its look. But after getting quotes from several printers, I realized that custom-made invites were beyond our budget. Our wedding planner suggested that I find ready-made invitations instead. I was afraid I might not find an invitation that was both elegant and be in keeping with our orchid theme. She brought me to a website where a wide array of wedding invitations was in stock. I found one classic orchid invitation that was both elegant and perfect for our theme. It cost a lot less than the customized ones I had in mind and came with matching rsvp cards. We saved a lot when we chose to use ready-made wedding invitations for our wedding.

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