Binding Our Families Together with a Unity Ceremony

Nowadays, couples add a unity ceremony to the usual wedding ceremony, especially if the bride and/or groom have children with previous marriages. But even single brides and grooms want to add this to the usual wedding ceremony which normally only lasts 15 minutes. Traditionally, this was done with candles where the mothers of the bride and groom each light a candle to represent their families. After the marriage vows, the bride and groom each take smaller candles and light them with their respective family’s candles. They then light a unity candle together to symbolize the union of their families. This ceremony is also done traditionally with sand.

My fiancée and I both wanted a unity ceremony in our wedding. We thought it would help make our bond stronger if we united our families symbolically as well. Our wedding planner suggested that we check out a site which provides unity ceremony sets, either in sand or in candles, which would be great additions to our wedding ceremony. In the end, we opted for unity candles which we felt were more in keeping with our formal wedding ceremony.

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