Wedding Favors for a Garden Wedding

I always knew how I wanted my wedding to be so, when I got married, the wedding planner and I collaborated to bring my dream wedding to fruition. I had always wanted a garden wedding surrounded by lots of trees and flowers and she found a perfect garden where the wedding ceremony as well as the reception could be held. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I knew that we had picked the right place to hold my dream wedding.

What I had not planned for was the favors for the wedding. I had missed that part in planning my dream wedding. I was in a quandary because I really had no idea what I could possibly find that would be in keeping with my theme. My wedding planner brought me to a site which specializes in wedding accessories and they had a wide array of Wedding favors which I could choose from. I found a mini metal watering can to which I added touches of ribbon and tin flowers. They were the perfect touch to my garden-themed wedding.

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