Personalized Napkins for a Personal Wedding Reception

My friend's job as a wedding planner has a lot of challenges. Very recently, she had a client who was very insistent that everything in their wedding be personalized. It was not very easy especially because personalizing details often cost a lot and we were working on a budget that was not exactly large.

At some point in her search for sources of the details that were going into the reception, she was having a difficult time finding personalized napkins for the bride and groom that would fit an already tight budget. The napkins had to be almost dirt-cheap. That was a very tall order and she could not rely on the usual companies from where she sourced most of her wedding accessories. My friend's search led her to a website which she had never used before. Aside from budget considerations, another factor which added more to the challenge was the fact that the theme of the wedding was snowflakes. The couple wanted the personalized napkins to have snowflakes printed on them. Fortunately, she found a website specializing in wedding accessories that had pre-printed napkins with wintry snowflakes on them. At less than $13 per pack, the napkins fit into the budget as well as the theme perfectly.

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