Wedding Favor Bags with a Natural Touch

Having decided on a beach theme for our wedding, my fiancée and I was having a hard time figuring out how to present our wedding gifts to our guests. Our wedding planner had already presented us with several options for our wedding favor bags but none of them were what we had in mind. If truth be told, we did not know what we wanted but we both knew that what we had seen so far just didn’t fit the bill.

My sister suggested that we go online in our search for our wedding favor bags and the idea seemed to be good one; so surf we did. I found a particularly interesting site that specialized in wedding accessories that had a wide array of accessories that centered on the beach theme. Going through their inventory, I found a natural woven beach bag that had potential. If we dressed it up with the right color ribbon and details such as shells and other coordinating items that were in their inventory, I knew that the bag would be perfect. I showed the bag to the wedding planner and we came up with a coordinated look that fit our idea of the perfect wedding favor bags for our beach-themed wedding. The wedding accessories store saved was a lifesaver. Last I heard, our wedding planner has made the website one of her permanent sources for wedding accessories.

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