Unique Wedding Favors for the Bird Lover

My fiancée and I met at a bird show. When planning for our wedding, we decided that love birds would be the central motif of the entire ceremony. Bird lovers both, we found it only fitting that they be part of the union which began because of our shared love for the winged creatures.

Our wedding planner had been giving us ideas about Unique wedding favors that would fit our motif. None of them satisfied us. We were in a quandary. But our wedding planner was relentless in her determination to find the wedding favor that would represent our love for birds. She presented me with a salt and pepper shaker shaped like love birds in pristine white. I loved these truly unique wedding favors that echoed our lovebird motif. Then she showed me a miniature birdcage in black which would hold the lovebird-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

I loved the salt and pepper shakers. I also liked the idea of putting them in miniature birdcages that act as packaging for the wedding favors we had chosen. But I was skeptical about the presentation. She showed me how we could personalize the wedding favors and give them a presentation that is unique but in keeping with our theme. She nestled the salt and pepper shakers in raffia. She then tied a personalized ribbon on one side of the bird cage. Seeing it assembled in such a manner, I was bowled over. We had found the perfect wedding favors to represent our union.

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