Wedding Favors for the Chocolatier

I am a chocolatier. My fiancée and I met at the shop where I sell chocolates which I make. To honor that first meeting, we decided to give away chocolates as wedding favors to our lovely guests as a way of thanking them for sharing with us the ceremony to signify our union as husband and wife.

I was determined to make all the chocolates that would be given away to the guests as well as the chocolates that would be served at the reception. My staff would have to work on all of them as I would be away from the shop at least two days before the actual wedding. Realizing that they would have so many chocolates to produce for the wedding while ensuring that the store be fully stocked, my manager told me that they would have to make the chocolates for the wedding favors way in advance. That was unacceptable so I had to settle for chocolates which my store did not produce for the wedding favors.

Our wedding planner brought me commercial chocolates for tasting. I naturally wanted chocolates that were as near in quality as those which I make myself. None of the samples she brought came near what I wanted. She decided to go online and search for chocolates that were specifically produced to be wedding favors. I found one that was almost like those which I make. I settled for that and the guests never knew the difference.

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