Wedding Decorations Fit for a Princess

Jules is marrying the girl of his dreams and he is determined to give her a wedding fit for a princess. He am working closely with their wedding planner and he is always consulting his princess with everything.

They are, at the moment finalizing the designs for the wedding decorations. Floral arrangements would be strewn all over the area where the ceremony is to be held. There are to be flowers that would intersperse with greens on the two sides of the aisle where his princess would walk. His princess’ favorite flowers will be incorporated into the arrangements. Her only request is that the whole area be filled with flowers. He, on the other hand, wanted candles. Thus, the planner and the florist had put their heads together and came up with sketches of how the whole area would be decorated with flowers and candles.

The wedding decorations that their planner and florist had chosen consisted of lanterns that would hold candles in keeping with the groom's request, decorative birdcages that would be filled with small floral arrangements, mini metal pails and mini metal watering cans would act as vases. The plans laid out by the team are simply perfect. Jules knows that the ethereal image that would be created as his princess bride walks down the aisle would not be easily forgotten by those in attendance.

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