Wedding Invitations for a Vintage-Inspired Wedding

Wedding invitations are the first thing that a couple works on to complete when planning their wedding. The entire entourage has to be settled first before the invitations can be printed. Printing has to be completed way before the wedding date so that the sponsors have enough time to prepare what they will wear to the wedding. And the wedding invitation allows the guests and sponsors a sneak peek into what the wedding will be like. Thus, careful considerations and much thought goes into choosing the design for the wedding invitations.

I envisioned a vintage-inspired wedding long before I even met my fiancée. For this reason, my fiancée and I decided on that theme when we started to plan for the wedding. We already knew who our sponsors would be as well as the members of the entourage. Our families already met and the final list of guests to be invited was already finalized. It was just a matter of finding a wedding invitation that was in keeping with our agreed theme.

The wedding planner bought a bunch of wedding invitations which she felt we would like one morning. None of the samples she brought were what I had in mind. I wanted our wedding invitations to look like it were old but I did not want it in parchment. I also wanted a touch of lace. She showed me a website with a wide array of invitations from which to choose from. I found a vintage lace invitation that was perfect. I was so happy that we had finally found the invitations that would provide our guests an idea of what our wedding would be like.

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