Perfect Work Vehicles with the Side-By-Side UTV

While it started out as a work vehicle, the side by side UTV fast became a sport and utility vehicle of choice of many a motorsports fan. This cross between a pick-up truck and an ATV is longer and wider than your typical all-terrain vehicle and has a bigger payload than you ATV. An ATV normally carries a load of anywhere between 125 to 200 lbs plus the operator’s weight while the UTV’s payload can run from 800 to 135 lbs more than the combined weight of the operator and the passenger’s weight. They have a side-by-side seating arrangement which is an attribute that makes it different from the ATV.

The side by side UTV or Utility Task Vehicle is a small utility vehicle that accommodates 2 to 4 persons. It is typically a four-wheel drive, off-road type of vehicle which is also sometimes called a Recreational Off-highway Vehicle or ROV. It usually comes equipped with a roll-over protection system or ROPS, hard tops, windshields, and sometimes, cab enclosures. Most are equipped with seat belts and a cargo box which is normally found at the rear of the vehicle. A UTV’s payload is usually placed at the top of the tires while an ATV’s payload is normally located above the fenders.

The side by side UTV has become a popular vehicle of choice of hunters and farmers alike. People now use these vehicles for sports, particularly as race units. They have become recreational vehicles rather than utility vehicles which is the purpose of their being. A ride on these all-terrain vehicles is an exhilarating experience that leaves the first-timer hankering for more. Test drive one now and experience the thrill of riding the popular side by side UTV.

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