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Having a poster printed has never been this easy, but with Shortrun Posters the entire process has become shorter and faster. It is guaranteed work with the most convenient of processes. It is a five-step process that is efficient despite its speed.

The entire process begins when you visit the site to create an account to have your custom poster printed. You can even skip this step entirely and just proceed to ordering your poster printed, but if you have an account, you can conveniently view your order history, track your order and even re-order past poster orders. The check-out process is expedited and you can store multiple addresses where you want to have your orders shipped.

After creating an account at the website, you can begin to choose the size of your custom poster. offers two poster sizes: 18 x 24 and 24 x 36. Once the choice is made, you will be taken to the item details page where you will be given more options to choose from, relating to the details of the poster you want to have printed. The first option is the “branded” posters where the logo of the website is printed on the reverse side, as opposed to the ‘unbranded” which allows only room for minimal file and order information. The second decision you have to make is whether you want your custom poster to be laminated. Lamination adds another layer of protection to your poster and helps to heighten the saturation of colors on the poster. Then you have to decide on the mounting. You have the option to choose from mounting your poster to a white Foam Core at 3/16 of an inch and give your poster a rigid backing or you can opt for an easel for a poster that is self-standing. 

 You can then upload your file. The system will determine if your image has the correct resolution and will update you when it is not. The website has a built-in resolution checker where a menu will tell you the details of your poster’s resolution. The uploading process is done using the usual programs featured in a desktop such as the Paint program and the Windows Photo Viewer. You can then pick your shipping and packing options and then make a payment. All you have to do now is to wait for the shipment. At, you can have your posters printed with ease, convenience and the fastest service ever.

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