Shaping Your Eyebrows

The shape of your eyebrows can make or break your look. Eyebrows that are unruly and undefined can make you look disheveled, tired, or even angry. Regular eyebrow shaping is the key to get your brows under control.  You can either PLUCK them which is probably the most common and easiest thing to do.  You can also THREAD your brows but believe me this is not easy; it's an old way of removing hair done by pulling out stray eyebrow hairs by rolling a cotton thread over them one row at a time. Or you may try SUGARING by using a sticky mixture of molasses or honey, then apply it on your skin cold and remove with strips pf muslin.

However, there is now an easier way to tame your brows.  It's quicker than plucking, simpler than threading, and less messy than sugaring; you do it by WAXING.  A hot wax is applied to the skin and using muslin strips to pull it off in one smooth motion.  Here, shows how you can do it at home.
  1.    To prep your eyebrows, brush them with a spooley brush or clean toothbrush to smooth the hairs. Then determine your eyebrow shape: Hold a pencil/ruler/comb vertically from the outer edge of your nose to the inner corner of your eye — this is where your eyebrow should begin. Mark the spot with an eyebrow pencil. Then again take your straightedge and place it diagonally from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye, marking the spot with your eyebrow pencil — you'll need to wax any hairs that fall outside this point. To find where your arch (or highest point) should be, hold the straightedge from the side of the nostril over the iris and up to the eyebrow.
  2.     Use the points you identified (and marked) above to draw your ideal shape. Only wax the hairs below your eyebrows — never above them. Your goal is to achieve a smooth arch that tapers slightly at the outer ends.
  3.     Apply an astringent made with skin-calming witch hazel to clean the area and minimize irritation.
  4.     To begin waxing, carefully follow the instructions on the waxing kit. Professional kits usually contain a jar of wax to be heated in boiling water, a spatula to apply the wax, and muslin strips to remove the wax — and the hairs along with it.
  5.     Apply a thin layer of wax beneath the eyebrow in the direction of hair growth. Let the wax set — but don't let it dry completely.
  6.     Place the piece of muslin over the waxed area, press gently, then remove the wax by pulling the skin taut with one hand and pulling the strip off (against the hair growth) with the other.
  7.     If any stray hairs remain, you can use tweezers to clean them up.

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