HCG as an Effective Weight Loss Supplement

There are thousands of diet programs available which any person can choose from but one such program that has gained immediate and immense popularity in such a short time requires a low calorie diet that is followed in conjunction with the use of HCG drops. The main ingredient of these drops is the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone which is present in the bodies of pregnant women. A British endocrinologist by the name of Albert Simeons conducted a study which placed pregnant women on a calorie-deficient diet in conjunction with low doses of HCG. Instead of losing muscle tissue, the women lost fat. He found that the hypothalamus was programmed to do this by their HCG intake. He recommends low-dose HCG injections combined with an ultra-low calorie diet plan. The result would be fast weight loss without the usual loss of lean tissue that typically accompanies low-calorie diets.

HCG as a supplement now comes in drops instead of it being administered via injection. The formula contains 100% pure HCG and many other important vitamins and minerals that give you more power and energy while on a strict low-calorie diet. It provides a quick weight-loss formula for many individuals who are desperate to lose unwanted pounds. The HCG content is combined with some vital amino acids such as Ornithine, L-Carnitine and Arginine that allows for faster weight loss minus the typical side effects associated with a low calorie diet plan. HCG is indeed a most effective weight loss supplement for individuals who need to lose the unwanted pounds.

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