Wedding Favors for an Orchid-Inspired Theme Wedding

Orchid lovers both, my cousin's clients set orchids as the inspiration for their wedding. Beginning with the wedding invitations to the wedding favors that the guests will take home with them from the event, the couple wanted orchid details on all the wedding accessories to be used in their wedding. It was a grand wedding with orchid floral accents that she had in mind but first, she had to make sure that the accessories would have that orchid detail that the couple demanded.

The wedding invitations she suggested were double-layered ones with a laser-backed card in gold in gold and black that created an elegant impression of the entire event. Ornate floral arrangements with an assortment of orchids and greens would decorate the area where the ceremony would take place as well as the reception hall.  When it came to the Wedding favors to go with the orchid-inspired theme, my cousin was stumped. She had no idea what to offer her clients.

Her online wedding accessories supplier came to her immediate assistance. They suggested ornamental wire centerpieces which could hold dainty orchid candles for wedding favors. My cousin got a sample of the wire centerpieces as well as the orchid candles. Together with her team, they came up with a decorative way to present the two items in one attractive package. The clients loved it. The plans for the wedding went on smoothly from there.

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