Fashion and Sister Missionary Dresses

While some of the world may think of modest dresses as needing to be turtleneck style and long sleeved, the reality is that is not the case. Certainly, modesty is of the utmost importance when you are talking about sister missionary dresses, but that does not mean fashion must be thrown out the window. There are plenty of options out there for a sister missionary to look stylish and still be modest.

Looking Attractive and Looking Seductive Is Different

The world often gets confused about the difference between looking attractive and looking seductive. In the latter, a woman may be scantily clad, revealing parts of her body that will seduce a man and cause him to think of only one thing. On the other hand, a woman can be very attractive and still be modest in her dress. This is a key difference in dress design when it comes to sister missionaries.

Confidence Makes any Dress a Fashion Statement

While some women will prefer this style to that style of dress, the fact is any dress will be a fashion statement when the woman adds confidence to her demeanor while wearing the dress. Confidence in itself is a fashion statement. When a woman is confident with her dress and looks, those around her will respect that.

Looking for Fashion, Modesty, and Comfort at the Same Time

One of the toughest aspects of a future sister missionary is to find dresses that are modest, comfortable, and in fashion at the same time. Sister missionary dresses have become a niche all their own in the dress industry because of the demand of more women looking to find a dress that meets all of these requirements. More designers are becoming interested in tackling this growing segment of the dress industry. Because a woman is in a dress every day in the mission field, they want to have something that is comfortable for the climate where they currently reside. They still want to be in fashion while being comfortable and they need to be modest. In fact, some returned sister missionaries have recognized the growing demand in this area and themselves have become dress designers, trying to bring a larger selection to those who are preparing to go into the mission field.

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