Earrings That Make You Dazzle

Women love wearing all kinds of earrings because they make them look beautiful and pretty, but do you know that wearing the right set can make you even more dazzling? Read on to find the perfect earrings for you.

Heart Face

Chandelier earrings like these gorgeous Pink Tequila Red Drop Earrings I found at Zalora add width that visually "fills in" a narrow chin and balances a wide forehead.

Round Face

Long, linear drops draw the eye up and down, which optically elongates the face and slims cherubic cheeks.

Square Face

Oversize hoops embellished with light-reflecting crystals visually soften the strong angles of a square jawline and minimize its width.

Long Face

Short "cluster" earrings add width at the center of the face, beautifully balancing its length.


Cascia Talbert said...

I didn't know that you can look better in different shaped earrings depending on what shape your face is. Very interesting. I don't wear earrings that often, though because my ear holes get infected. I even wear the sensitive kind. Thanks for sharing these tips!

May said...

Cute earrings here...

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