Choose the Right Tenant for Your Property

When you are renting out your property, you naturally want to find a good tenant. You want to look for someone who is financially responsible and of good moral character. You want to know if they can be trusted, if they are responsible with paying their bills and if they will pay their rent on time. Yup, those are the qualities of a perfect tenant.

Finding a good tenant would not have been easy back then, because you have to do all the checking by yourself. Nowadays, this is easily done with Tenantify. It's a website that helps landlords, find out more about their would be tenants. Their main job is to verify the tenant's employment and income status. All you have to do is wait for them to email you the results, then decide whether he or she is the right tenant for you. You can consider it a free service because it's the tenant who pays for the bill when verification is completed. Easy peasy, right?

Don't just deal with someone you think can pay the rent. Make sure that the person you are giving your keys can be trusted and will take care of your property.

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Luana S. at said...

Hi Liz! It's been a while and I missed your posts. :) How have you been?

Oh wow, Tenantify is such a cool site! And I love your post, too. It's true, when you deal with honest people you can live your life without additional worries. Had a friend with a bad tenant and I felt so sad for her... Hope it doesn't happen anymore. :(

I have some news on my blog, too: I outed one of my adopted-in-the-heart kids in my last MommySoul post! Hope you can drop by. ^-^

Many hugs!

Luana S.

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