Mark it!

When I was still very young, I remember seeing my mom reading a lot of Readers' Digest. I think we had a big cabinet full of her subscription. When I reached high school I used her collection of RDs for my projects. There are so many educational articles that you can find and I would even cut out some of the photos to make my projects more unique. Since then, I, too was reading Readers' Digest, but it stopped when I graduated from college.

Last night while blog hopping and dropping my entrecard, an article of a blogger friend caught my attention. She was talking about Reader's Digest Homepage. Whoa! It was good to know that they have a homepage, I thought Readers' Digest are not available anymore since I have not seen them in magazine stands here for years. I immediately followed the link and was amazed with - Make Your Mark program. It's about honoring people who made great contributions to people in the developing countries. I have to admit that Helen Little's story moved me. I admire her courage that even at 77 she still travels to Haiti just to help the poverty-stricken communities.

There are many more inspiring stories of these people making their marks. I may not have the resources and Helen's dedication to help others but I sure did make my mark too when I joined the weekly challenge. If you want to help don't just sit there. Follow the links and make your mark now!

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