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Coming from a very conservative family, my mom and my Mil had set so many "do's" and "don'ts" during the times that I was pregnant with my first and second child. But since I love and respect them both, I obediently followed each one of them knowing that they're for our best. Having married way too early, I knew so little about pregnancy/motherhood but thanks to their help and a little research, I managed. I am lucky I was one of those who didn't have to go through the dilemmas of pregnancy. I didn't have to suffer from morning sickness, I didn't become choosy with what I eat, yes I have had some cravings too, but one thing that really surprised me was I became vain. I always made sure I look my prettiest even without make-up. It was when I was pregnant that my skin was the clearest. No blemishes whatsoever and I didn't have to worry about acne treatments. But some are not as lucky, indeed, pregnancy affects a woman's body in a variety of ways.

My aunt had pimples all over her face when she was pregnant. And worse, acne treatments at that time were not easily recommended for preggos because they contain harmful ingredients that may be bad for the baby. Her ob-gyne said skin breakouts are normal because of elevated hormone levels. It was only after she has given birth that she was able to take treatments.

Beaute de Maman products are great news for moms-to-be, formulated to ensure the safety of both the mom and the baby. I'm glad they have this now because if you've been there or know someone who's pregnant, you know how important it is for them to still look beautiful. Often, the hormonal changes in the body make them feel insecure. They need to be constantly reminded that it's alright and they should be feeling happy and healthy during this special time.

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Max said...


You, my mom and my grabby were lucky gals! Not to feel anything during the pregnancy must be a blessing!! I have a cousin who is pregnant right now, and boy does she suffer...but I always tell her that it is for a good cause lol!

Did you have a fantastic weekend? I did, thank God...I had plenty of rest :D!

My darling friend, I wish you a superb week, and may God Bless you!


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