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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sky Watch Friday - Full Moon

I hope the weather is great wherever you are.  Happy sky watching!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bye-bye Wrinkles

Do you want a face lift without surgery?  Then eat more sweet potatoes. They are one of nature's richest sources of beta-carotene, which the body uses to produce more molecules that accelerate the renewal of skin cells and improve skin cohesion.  Studies suggest this dual action can lead to a smoother complexion and fewer fine lines within 10 weeks.

The Busy Business Man

Uncle Tony is a busy executive.  But no matter how busy he is, he still needs to read tons of business books.  He spends a lot of time in the office; he still does consultancies; he is often out of town but he still gets to spend some time with his family. I don't know how he manages to do all those things.  I've seen all his business books in his office and his library at home and I always wonder if he had read all those.

One time I asked my Auntie Monette if he had read all his business books and she said no.  Most of those were gifts from colleagues and employees but he barely had time to open even one.  Uncle Tony gets some of his good ideas from book summaries.  My aunt says he uses his Kindle to store executive book summaries and read them before going to bed or during his flights.

I was surprised because Uncle Tony is scared of gadgets.  It will take him a long time to learn how to use a new cellphone.  My cousin told me he was forced to learn to use his Kindle because of the book summaries or he will be forced to read the tons of books in his office and at home.

Virtual Safe

Businesses now outsource even their data management. My husband's company does this. Another company that offers and specializes in data center virtualization for him. This way, their company's data is protected from any eventuality such as theft and fire. He has learned his lesson when their office was broken into. Some of their files were destroyed by ransacking thieves. It took them several months to reconstruct them. This prompted them to use another company for data safekeeping. This data center virtualization is highly cost effective. No need to buy new hardware and peripherals for their files. Everything is stored and can easily be retrieved online. It's access is protected. Only authorized personnel can gain access to these data.

Their company now has a good backup and recovery system. The integrity of their files will remain intact. Tampering is virtually impossible. Limited access can also be allowed for his clients. The can retrieve some files regarding their MOAs, contracts and project details. Everything can be monitored, even the uploading of files. His company can invest their savings on other things. No equipment that would need upgrading cutting more costs. It pays for itself and it's a virtual safe. It's practically a no brainer.

They named him Ryder

My cousin who lives in Pampanga bought a wonderful horse for her kids.  They named him Ryder.  She had a horse fence built for Ryder.  Jed (her husband) didn't realize that horse fencing is a serious business.  Cousin Riza wanted to hire men to build the fence but he insisted that he can do it on his own.  It took him a full week to build Ryder's fence but everyone gave him credit for the very nice fence.  He built Ryder a small but comfortable stall.  The horse can easily access his food and water.  Jed also has a small space for the tack and other stuff.  The kids knew Ryder will be happy and healthy in his new home.

However,  right after Ryder moved in, he got sick.  The vet's diagnosis was colic and west nile; two deadly diseases that he can only get from mosquitoes.  Ryder probably got it during his stay outside.  The vet took good care of him and he got well really quick.

Ryder is back.  He is beautiful; strong; healthy; playful and eating again.  Her kids are having a grand riding time with him after school and during weekends.  Cousin Riza is thinking of finding Ryder a mate so he won't be lonely when the kids are in school.

Buying Gold Online

If you are wondering if buying gold bullion or buying gold coins online is safe, the answer is yes.  It is quite safe to buy them online and there are many companies that can provide you with these precious metals.  Even Silver Rounds are safe to buy online.  But before you make a purchase, make sure you understand what you are buying. You can easily search online for the different types of gold and its prices so you will have an idea what type is right for you.

Of course you should also be careful who you deal with.  Gold and silver investments have become very popular these days that fraudulent companies are just waiting to pounce on you.  Here are some of the things you should look for when buying gold online:

Deal only with a reputable dealer.  Although many companies on the internet are legitimate there are a some who would not be considered reputable.  Your dealer should have a complete contact details and transactions should be safe and secured. The dealer's link should change from http to https once you click the payment page; this will ensure you that the company is legit.  A detailed information on your delivery should also be sent to you after you've checked out.

It is not wise to purchase from a dealer if you don't find these things. 

Cost-Effective Communication

More and more businesses are benefiting from the advanced technology of conferencing. If businessmen used to travel a lot before to meet with clients; dealing with them is made easier with audio conferencing, web conferencing, or teleconferencing. Although the latter is preferred because it's easy to use and readily available to everyone, audio conferencing can be done using regular telephones or through your computer. It's also a lot cheaper than international telephone calls. I remember how much my parents used to pay for international calls back then; they were really thankful fax machines were invented.

Now every one is within reach with advanced conferencing. You can even opt for operator assisted conference call if you're not too familiar with computers.

Conferencing is indeed a beneficial medium to individuals and businesses alike. It does save you a lot of time from communicating with each one of your colleagues or clients because you can do it all at the same time. Plus, it saves you a lot of money from doing doing multiple calls; you can talk with your supplier in the USA while you are also meeting with your supplier in Tokyo. Amazing isn't it? This is so far the easiest and and most effective way of communicating with clients.

Off to Singapore

Who would have thought that we'll be able to find cheap business class fares to Singapore?  My cousin kept telling me that it would be impossible to find the cheapest business class flights because everything is expensive in Singapore starting of course with the tickets.  Our bowling team will be competing in the 25th Asian Intercity tournament at Orchid Bowling Center this coming October and since each one of us will be shouldering our expenses, we wanted to find the cheapest fares and accommodations.

One of us were lucky to find a ticket sale online and quickly made reservations.  It was a good thing that she was able to reserve for all of us.  Had she been a few minutes earlier, she could have reserved for Cheap first class airfare tickets for everyone.  With only a few $$ higher, we could have enjoyed the luxury of flying first class.  My cousin was very surprised when she heard that we got our business class tickets 30 percent lower than the price of a regular economy ticket.

Our team is leaving on the 12th and we are all very excited.  It's my first time in Singapore and we're hoping to squeeze in some time for shopping and sightseeing.  I am also looking forward to meeting some of my Singaporean blogger friends.

Outdoor Fun

When my family visited Noelle, my husband’s cousin and her husband Raffy in Canada back in 2000; the kids had so much fun.  The Canada trip was one of our vacations that up to now they couldn't forget. The couple was not blessed with a child and they were very happy that my kids went with us; Noelle spoiled my kids.

Their place was really lovely and the kids loved that they can do so many things there.  Noelle often took them out for some outdoor fun; hiking, swimming and camping.  They even tried biking and rented rides from dirt bike trails ontario.  Noelle and Raffy also made us try atv trail riding.  It wan fun, the kids thought the vehicles we got from atv rentals ontario were really cool.  The mountain and river were perfect for these outdoor activities.

We had two weeks of fun in Ontario and it was a great opportunity for us to spend some time in the mountains, away from the busy and noisy city.  Noelle and Raffy were great hosts and I'm looking forward to return it to them.  The couple plans to visit next year and my kids are already  planning their stay with us. 

Her Weapon

Back in college my daughter had three traumatic experiences with hold-ups and pickpockets; all of those in a period of 2 months.  If you are a Pinoy then you are familiar with the streets of Manila especially at night; dark and dangerous.  In all those incidents, I am still thankful that she wasn't hurt; she only lost three cell phones and money.  But then you'll never know, next time it happens again, she might get hurt so I gave her a mace spray so she can at least defend herself should it happen again.  It may not be much but it made my mind rest that at least she can hurt her the person who robs or attacks her.

I wanted her to transfer to a school near our area so she doesn't have to travel too far and I'd feel she is safer when she's near; but she insisted to finish in that school.  For the next three years she braved the streets of Manila armed only with her mace or OC spray.

Up until now she never forgets to buy pepper spray.   She makes sure she always carries one in her bag wherever she goes.  She says she feels very safe with it.  Although I don't go out of the house very often, I too, carry one in my bag; she bought it for me last time she shopped for pepper sprays.  I'm also thinking of buying one each for hubs and my son.  It may sound lame for them but you'll never know, right?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soak and Relax Feet

Are your feet tired and achy?  A foot bath would definitely soothe them. Here, try this very relaxing foot soak that will not  only relieve your tired feet but leave them soft as well.  To do:  Mix 1/4 cup of powdered milk in a bowl of warm water and soak feet for 20 minutes.  The lactic acid in the milk will help dissolve dry skin and brighten nails, while the milk's lipids will add moisture.

Looking Gorgeous

A diet that can help you lose a lot of weight in 30 days sounds too good to be true, right?  Well not anymore.  Ideal protein is a new program and not just one of those fad diets that created buzz in the past.  The best thing about this diet program is that it also helps to improve your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Why am I writing about his diet program?  It's because I've seen the results.  My sister in law struggled to lose weight since she was in high school. She had a tough time conceiving because she was overweight.  She was lucky to be blessed with one child, that's out dear Nikki, even if she was overweight.  Then she heard about ideal protein pittsburgh and she surprised all of us when she lost more than 40 pounds.  She told me that it was actually the laser lipo pittsburgh that she wanted to try but she chose the Ideal program instead.  It worked for her and SIL is looking so great.  Good for you SIL because you look so gorgeous.

I told her that it's a good thing her skin is not loose after losing all those weight then she told me her little secret.  She underwent laser body sculpting pittsburgh to get rid of loose skin.   

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RT|WW - Paper Art

Wordless Wednesday

Not Just a Simple Back Pain

If you have been experiencing pain on you back and leg or a weakness on the muscles of your legs, chances are, you are suffering from herniated disc. This happens when the cushion between the spinal vertebra goes out of place.  For younger people, this may not be so much of a problem because during your early years, the cushion is still elastic and soft.  It becomes an issue for older people because it becomes rigid as we age, thus we become more prone to injury.  A simple slip or too much strain on your back may force the cushion to move or to rupture.

The usual symptoms of herniated disc are tingling and numbness; sensations of pins and needles, muscle weakness, and electric shock pains.  Some doctors perform spine surgeries to eliminate the herniated disc from the spinal canal. The spine surgeries however, are not recommended for everyone who is suffering from herniated disc.  Once you have been diagnosed with it, your doc may recommend other forms of treatment first such as hot and cold compress;  physical therapy; anti-inflammatory medications; oral steroids medications; and epidural steroid injections.  You will also be asked to avoid activities that may aggravate your symptoms and to take a lot of rest. 

It runs in my family

Diabetes runs in my family.  My grandfather on my dad's side succumbed to heart failure due to complications.  My dad is on the verge; his blood sugar level is on the borderline according to his doctor.  He is not taking insulin yet but he is on maintenance drug.  None of us (his children) have it yet but we have what you call pre diabetes symptoms.  It's a condition wherein no physical symptoms are seen but we are inclined to having it because we have a history of diabetes in the family.  Mom had been nagging all of us to have a blood test to know our risk factors but none of us did.

I kept telling her that she doesn't have to worry about me having Diabetes because I am taking care of myself.  I know that I am at risk so I stay away from too much glucose and I exercise everyday.  She should be more watchful of my brother and sister who don't exercise at all.  All of us are at risk so I also watch my son's diet.  I have to remind him all the time about his love for sweets.  He is so much like my dad who can't live without sweets.  I encourage him to eat more fruits instead.  With the right diet and exercise I am positive that diabetes will not be my problem and my kids'.

My Sister's New Home

Before my sister moved in to her newly bought apartment, she asked for my help to shop for furniture.  No, I am not an expert but she said she admires my taste.  I really didn't plan a theme for my home but somehow the all the furniture and fixtures I bought matched.  That's what she loves.  I can buy things in a spur of the moment but when I put it all together, they compliment each other.

She said her budget is not big because she just paid for her down payment so we started looking for cheap living room furniture.  She was amazed at the prizes when I brought her to my favorite shop.  She was surprised that they didn't even look cheap.  She loved my rose wood set so she went for rose wood as well.  Then we went to the dining room table sets section where she found a small table for four that's also made of rose wood.

Our last stop was for her wooden bedroom furniture.  This time she chose a simple mahogany bed.  She wasn't even aware that I was letting her choose all her furniture.  She asked me to choose for her but she didn't realize she was choosing for herself.  Her taste is classy too and all the furniture she got were fabulous.  And what's even greater is she got all of them for less; she still had some money left after we went shopping for her furniture. 

Health and Beauty Articles

I'm not really a health nut but I'm really interested in reading about womens health and womens fitness.  And whenever I find interesting articles, I share them here in my blog.  If you are a frequent visitor or you have visited this blog once, you probably have seen some of my health and beauty articles.

I started this blog in 2007 and since then I have shared a lot of health articles that many women (and even men) found interesting.  You can find some articles about fitness, skin care, pregnancy information, foods that can help cure some diseases, and many more.  Mostly, I like writing about the health benefits of foods we usually ignore and foods that can make us beautiful, inside and out.  Articles like reducing eye puffiness with potato juice, getting rid of pimples by using tea tree oil, whitening elbows by using lemon peel, and many more.

It makes me glad that although my blog is not popular, those who visit find my posts interesting and helpful. I love it when people leave comments and tell me that they are going to try it or they already did and it worked for them.  It inspires me to look for more interesting articles and share them to everyone. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Citrus Scrub

Cuticles protect your nails from fungus and bacteria, plus they protect the nail bed. Cutting them may actually injure the nails without us even realizing it.  It's better to push them back after a foot soak or shower.  Then cut an orange into quarters, dip a wedge in sugar and gently massage cuticles for 5 minutes before rinsing.  The citric acid in the juice and the texture of the sugar will help exfoliate excess dead skin.  This will prevent hangnails and keep cuticles healthy.


One thing I love about my prepaid visa is that I only spend within my budget.  It doesn't get me into debt and there are no interests to pay.  It's becoming a popular choice lately because with this card, you get to control your monthly budget.  No matter how tempted you get to buy the shoes you've wanted so long, you simply can't because you can only spend what you have loaded onto your prepaid account.

Best of all, there is no credit limit.  Applying for it is extremely easy.  You just need to visit the website; click the Sign up button and register.  You need to input some important information then you click 'Submit'.  Wait for the email where you will be given a link to verify your account.  A few more steps and your card will be in your hands in a couple of days.  It's that easy!

I can also use my prepaid visa to send and receive money from abroad.  The charges and fees are way cheaper than when you send it through banks or remittance centers.  I am earning from writing articles through my blogs and I get paid through paypal.  A few years ago, you can only transfer money through credit cards and prepaid credit cards.  My prepaid card made it easy for me to transfer funds.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

For Nicks and Burns

You know you have them when a simple splash of water stings your skin after shaving.  The painless solution?  Coconut oil.  Try using it in lieu of alcohol-based shaving creams.  The oil has unique fatty acids that soothe inflammation, maintain hydration and act as antibacterial agents to prevent infection.  It's also best to shave at night.  In the morning skin is more sensitive and slightly swollen, which can partially conceal hair, making nicks and burns more likely.

If you happen to nick your leg, blot and dot the cut with lip balm.  The wax and emollients in the balm will seal the cut to reduce pain and prevent infection.

Secured Network

My friend is an IT director of a big company. One of the divisions she handles is the network of the company. The nature of their business is finacial in nature. This means that the business is security sensitive. The integrity of their database is of the highest priority. They have to make sure that access to this must be very limited. They use a very sophisticated network security software to ensure the safety of all communications and accounts. She requires regular compliance reporting both from the system and the people handling it. The team handles this makes sure that all threats and unauthorized access are quickly addressed and dealt with. IT security compliance is very important. A single weak link in the entire system could spell disaster and compromise their entire operation.

She tells me that her work may look hard but is actually very easy to perform because they have a very secured system. So far, they have not been breached. The system has several gateways which has several protocols to be met. The sensitivity of their operation dictates that all bases are covered. Cyber thieves stop at nothing to be able to hack and steal any information. Protecting this relies on the strength of a network's security.

Shake Off Pounds

Weight loss?  I don't think anything will work out for me anymore unless I starve myself to death.  If you have been following this blog, you probably know that I quit smoking over a year ago.  Like other smokers who quit, I gained weight.  The thing is, I can't shed off the pounds no matter what I do.  I have tried a lot already; diet, exercise, no rice diet, short burst exercises, indoor walking, nothing worked.  I still exercise though, thinking that even if I'm not losing weight, at least I'm doing my body good.  But of course I still dream of  seeing myself slim.  I am not used to being this big.

I saw a weight loss diet pills ad and I'm thinking of trying it. I'm not usually attracted to these kinds of ads but when I saw that it's made from all natural and pure ingredients, it made me think. I also searched for reviews and scam articles and so far I only found good and positive reviews. This might be just what I need to kick start weight loss. I printed the info page because I'd be showing it to a doctor friend. Even if people are saying good things about it, I'd still like to be sure if it safe.


I broke my shades and I have to new one. Off to the mall I went to browse around for women's sunglasses. There are about three optical shops, all selling polarized sunglasses for women. While I fitted sunglasses after sunglasses looking for a design that would complement my face, my son checked out the men's sunglasses. There were so many brands and designs to choose from. I'm the nostalgic type and all I want is a simple design like an aviator or wayfarer.

My son on the other hand had already picked what he wants. He's into sports so he went for a sports type design. After some back and forth from the three shops, I went back to the second one and finally bought the simplest one. Despite its simplicity, I made sure that it can really protect my eyes. We all know the bad effects of ultraviolet rays on unprotected eyes. There are so many knockoffs that do not meet the standards and does not protect our precious eyes. That is why I buy from reputable stores instead of some convenience store. Eye protection is very serious and should not be taken for granted.

I paid for the items my son and I bought. The sun was out when we walked to our car. My sunglasses had its baptism. I'm glad I wasted no time in buying a new pair of sunglasses. I'll be careful next time and be more careful with my shades. 


Some of my husband's clients require total security. They need utmost security so communication has to be protected at all times. Trade secrets can easily be stolen if you're too complacent. They require email encryption for all communiques. Not a problem for my husband, he has Hosted Security and internet protection. My husband is very particular when dealing with his clients. He makes sure that all their conditions are met. He won't stay long in this business if he has been careless. In the business world competitors guard everything; unscrupulous businessmen and shady characters will stop at nothing to create knockoffs that not only damages the legit businesses but shortchanges the buying public.

Thieves stop at nothing to make a fast buck. At least now, there is global awareness about piracy and fakes. Security is at the top of every company's list of priorities. They need to protect the company and their customers. Hackers are a great threat to intellectual property rights. Cyber protection and security is a must in any internet communication. My husband knows this too well. His business is hinged on trust. As long as his clients are assured of protection, they will continue to do business with him even if sometimes have dealings with their competitors. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Juicy Tomatoes

Here's one more reason why you should love tomatoes, they keep your skin taut.  Lycopene, the antioxidant that gives tomatoes their bright red color, boosts cells ' production of procollagen, a compound that keeps skin's elasticity.  Plus, a diet rich in tomato has been shown to protect against damage to skin cells' mitochondrial DNA, which wards off signs of aging.

Why does my CA life insurance cost more if I smoke?

Your CA life insurance company prepares its premium costs based upon the risk you are perceived to pose to the company. Although factors such as financial risks are factored in, the largest factor in terms of the cost of your insurance policy is the risk that you will die. Insurance companies need to ensure that their prices are set in such a way that their risk is balanced and they won't go out of business.

Research shows that smokers are more likely to die at a younger age than non-smokers. Smoking is associated with a range of diseases and illnesses, and the amount that you smoke also affects the likelihood that you may become ill or die earlier than those who are non-smokers. Because of this, smokers are seen as higher-risk than other members of the population with otherwise similar medical and health backgrounds.

Smoking is a risky behavior, and life insurance companies need to ensure that they manage risk when it comes to their premiums. One way of doing this is by increasing their rates for smokers. So if you're a smoker and you're considering taking out a life insurance premium, perhaps it's time to give up for good.

Camera for Sister

I'm searching for canon digital cameras. Not for me though but for my sister.  Her camera was broken and by the looks of it, it's beyond repair.  She dropped it from the balcony of her apartment while taking photos of the sunset.  She said it slipped her hands.  She thinks I know more about cameras so she asked me to help her.  She has plans of taking lessons so I might get her the DSLR.


My cousin built his daughters a beautiful playhouse. Perfectly built for kids, it has all the rooms a house would have, only smaller. My nieces would spend hours playing and even took their afternoon naps there. every furniture was beautifully crafted. The kids even have their snacks there. The dining and living sets were both adorable. The kitchen had everything. It has a guidecraft refrigerator. The kitchen sink and stove are both so cute. My nieces would pretend they were cooking. It so amusing to watch them play. Kids really have a very active imagination. They would raid their mother's flower patch and imagine the flowers were salad.

They kept a stash of ketchup sachets which they took from different fast foods. They used these in their imaginary meals. Cookies, crackers and shoestring potatoes are some of their imaginary foods. The fridge had their water bottles and biscuits. Sometimes, they would use their clay and form them into chicken drumsticks, burgers and even hotdogs. Of course they have plastic foods but they would rather use other stuff for their foods.

The playhouse is a labor of love. Their father painstakingly labored for several weeks to build it. My husband and son did put some time into it but most of the work were done by their Dad. I am very sure that the playhouse would bring years of wonderful memories. The family would have hours of sharing stories of when they were young. That would be perfect for our family reunions and parties.

Busy Body

My husband's juggling projects again. It really doesn't matter, he has a very good team. Even if some of them are elsewhere overseeing other projects they can still meet and discuss updates and other details. All these is possible through Audio conferencing. He also does this with his clients overseas. with a client in Just the other day, he had an Audio conference with his client in Singapore and his partner in Malaysia. He has been constantly receiving Conference calls. It's fine with him, at least, he doesn't have to travel too much.

Since last year, his company has been swamped. Some projects even overlap. With the volume of projects, he has hired more staff. They have been very busy. Late nights have been the norm. His staff doesn't mind it at all as every project completed ahead of schedule means a fat bonus for all of them. They don't care if they have tons of work to do. They don't care if a long line of projects awaits them. What they are worried about is when all these suddenly stop. They're a happy bunch of busy bodies. The more work they get, the happier they all are. At a time when times are tough, they're glad that they continue to enjoy the trust and confidence of their clients.


I attended a business expo with some friends. We found out that there are companies that sell existing successful businesses. There was a talk by a business broker on how to acquire these businesses. Some of these brokers sell businesses in behalf of the owners. Some are looking for partners and some offer franchises. We even came across an internet business for sale. The expo opened our eyes to different opportunities. I have been closely watching how my husband help other businesses to improve their sales and I may just get swayed into going into business. I have a degree in business administration anyway. Maybe my friends and I can form a corporation and buy a business for sale.

This needs some thought. Do we aim high or start small? It's got to be something we are passionate about. A business would be hard to run if your heart's not into it. I've asked for a list of all the businesses up for sale. We need to closely study which would fit our budget and our interest. We're all moms and maybe something connected to family would be a good choice. We all cook and a small bistro would also be a good choice. Of course there's one more factor we all have to take into account, how deep our husbands' wallets are.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can't sleep?

If you keep tossing and turning at night spritz your sheets with lavender essential oil.  The wonderful aroma of lavender induces sleep as effectively as prescription meds.  The scent can put you to sleep in as little as 20 minutes.

Here's how to do it:  In a spray bottle, combine 6 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 cup of water.  Lightly spritz your pillowcase at bedtime.


We have a couple of Shi Tzus, Olive and Loki. Loki is a five year old male and just like his namesake, he's quite mischievous. He is my constant companion but there are times when he gets too restless and hard to control. He loves to play tag but I'm just too tired to play with him. He is spoiled by everyone and can be annoying when he doesn't get what he wants. He can be a handful at times. We've had enough and decided that Loki needs to be trained by a professional. After checking out several Dog Training Schools, we chose the one that we think will teach him to behave.

Dogs are like humans too. They need to be understood. Dog trainers are not just teachers, they are psychotherapists as well. They can instill discipline and make our best friend behave. We look forward to a new Loki when all his training is over. He is a very sweet dog and can really make you laugh when you're feeling down. He would wait for us at the door whenever we come home late. His bad habits has to stop. He needs to know his place in the family like everybody else.

From Stamford to Phoenix

When my cousin's husband was offered a job in Arizona, they had to talk it over a few times and weighed the pros and cons.  He is a lab technician and is doing alright with his present job.  The offer was so good that he found it hard to resist.  Every one in the family is telling them to grab the chance because an offer that good doesn't come all the time.

The salary is two times of what he is getting right now; he and his family will have a health insurance; the company will help his wife find a job; the company will help them find a home; and the company will help them relocate.  The only thing that's stopping him from saying yes is that they will be too far away from all of us; both their families are here in CT.

There are more pros than cons so they decided to move.  Even if my cousin stays at home her husband can afford it. He is in Arizona right now to finalize everything.  He has also contacted several phoenix property management companies to look for their new home.  Although a bit sad that they had to leave, I can still see the excitement in my cousin's face.  Don't worry cousin, we'll visit you there. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RT/WW - Mini Desserts

Wordless Wednesday


My cousin has been in the property management business for a long time. She started out as a realty agent and eventually started a company of her own. Her company is involved in property sales but concentrates more managing property for owners. They manage rest houses, condos and commercial units. Most of her clients are from out of town. They charge retainer fees much like a lawyer would do. Her company handles rent and lease collection as well as property maintenance. They also do the negotiation in behalf of the property owner. Most of her clients are individuals from different states. She recently opened a property management az to service clients in Arizona.

Doing property management on your own can be a handful. You have to to do credit and background checks as well as administrative work. Having a property manager takes away all the hassles. Collection and eviction can really cause major headaches that is why most owners especially those with very expensive and exclusive properties have property managers. These managers not only bring in income, they enhance these properties. This makes worry-free ownership. You simply sit back, relax and watch your property make money for you. If I have properties, I'd leave the worrying to the professionals.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fight Fungus with Coconut.

Rough tootsies?  Use coconut oil!  Whether you choose to make your own coconut oil or you buy a fancier coconut cream, coconut is a smart way to keep your feet smooth and free of itchy rashes.  The caprylic acid found in the oil has the ability to fight fungus in contact.

Stem Cell Culture

Have you heard about stem cell culture?  Well, if you're wondering what it is, here's a brief explanation.  Our stem cells can be our way to treat major diseases and disorders.  Scientists also believe that it can speed up the healing process.  They are working on culturing these stem cells to treat diseases like Diabetes, heart ailments, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  Stem cells have the ability to produce copies of themselves and to regenerate tissues and because of this, when stem cells are given to patients, they have the ability to repair the damages from the disease.  More studies are still being made to fully develop this kind of treatment and it might take them a few years more to offer it to us.  I am hoping though, that it will be very soon.

I'm Looking for more articles about Methylcellulose Based Media

Some of you may already heard of stem cell research, where scientists are studying the possibility of curing diseases like diabetes, heart problems and even cancers.  I was wondering what methylcellulose based media is all about but when I googled it, I found out that it is one of the many researches done for stem cell.  There are only a few articles about this one and I feel ashamed that the terms used to explain what this is all about were kind of hard to understand.  Hopefully, more easy to understand articles about it will be published so we will all know how we can benefit from it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photohunt - Wooden

Wooden bench.

Large wooden door.

I love the artwork in this desk.
Happy hunting!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sleep on Satin

They say sleeping on satin can help reduce wrinkles.  According to experts it is true.  Lying on your side then moving during sleep can squish skin against the pillow and hold it there for a few hours.  This can cause creases that can take a toll on your skin over time.  Satin is less absorbent than cotton, so it doesn't drink up natural oils or overnight moisturizers; your skin stays more hydrated.  It certainly makes sense to me,  I'll try this.

Babyfans Fan

If you are a visitor of this blog then you probably know that just recently, we've had two adorable baby girls from our daughter.  In a few days, our cute little babies will be three months old.  I've missed having babies and I've missed shopping for baby clothes.  It was always exciting to dress my daughter when she was a baby and now we have two.  I've been having fun shopping for their clothes since they were born.

I've discovered while browsing the internet for bay stuff and since then I'm hooked.  They have a lot of cute booties and baby suits.  My daughter has been asking me where I get all those adorable body suits and when I told her the website she immediately checked it.  She too loved what they have there and bought two body suits with tutu skirts.  The twins can't wear them yet until they are six months old.  They (hubs and daughter) used to tell me not to shop for too much clothes because they grow up too fast; I know that of course but I just can't help myself.

If you're looking for cute and affordable baby clothes, you may want to visit the website.  When you see their collections, I'm sure you'll be a fan of Babyfan like me.

Build that muscle!

You're working out too hard to build muscles but it gets frustrating when you don't see results. Body builders don't just get those muscles by simply working out.  We are made differently and what worked for others may not easily work for you; you may work out and lift weights every single day but does that not guarantee that you'll have beautiful muscles.  Other people need help from building muscle supplements.  How do you suppose the skinny ones easily got those gorgeous muscles?  That's because they took the supplements.

There are a lot of supplements to choose from and some of them have been used for years by athletes and body builders and have been proven to be effective, while others are new and relatively unknown.  You can choose from so many products but the real key to get most out of your supplements is to know what type of products will work best for your body; when to take them and how to combine them with other vitamins and supplements to get the maximum results.  If you have a trainer, ask him what he could recommend, then ask your doctor if it would interfere with all of your other supplements if you're taking any. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lighten dark Underarms

The best way to lighten dark underarms is to apply a deodorant or cream containing licorice extract.  Hormones and thickened skin can cause hyper pigmentation making underarms appear darker.  Licorice contains minerals that will gradually even out skin tone with daily use.

Methylcellulose Based Media

What used to be just a simple chemical compound used to treat constipation and to thicken food and cosmetic products is now hailed for another purpose.  Scientists and doctors are working together in developing methylcellulose based media, a kind of solution or sometimes it is in gel form used to easily determine and identify the different types of functional progenitors in hematopoietic tissues.  These are the tissues coming form our cord blood, bone and fetal liver.  Apparently, those cells and tissues, although studies are still being made, can help reverse the damages caused by certain diseases (heart attack, diabetes and some cancers).

Mesenchymal Stem Cells can Reverse Heart Damage

If you have just had a heart attack or you know someone who did, you must know the damage it can cause the heart.  Sure the wound in the heart will heal after a few weeks but it will leave a scar.  This will lessen the heart's ability to pump blood, making the organ weak.

However, with the help of mesenchymal stem cells, the damage from the attack may soon be reversed.  Doctors and scientists are working together to make this possible in the near future.  It has already been tested and according to patients who had the stem cell therapy, it works not only to manage heart damage but to repair the damage as well.

CFC Assay, a new medical breakthrough

CFC assay? What could that be? Well honestly when I first heard it I thought it has something to do with computers; a computer part or a computer software perhaps. Oh, please don't laugh. It's already a shame that my scientific knowledge is so little. I did research but these medical terms are very hard to understand. But one thing I'm sure of is that this medical breakthrough is somewhat similar to stem cells. It can reverse the damages done by some diseases. I wouldn't be surprise if CFC assay will be the rage in the next few years.

Shave Your Legs with Safety Razor

Each woman has her own technique when it comes to shaving.  I've seen some women who would simply run the razor on their legs without putting on anything to smooth the skin.  It makes me cringe, really!  I'm thinking about it now and I'm having goose bumps.  Dry shaving is pretty dangerous unless of course you are using safety razors.

I shave my legs too and I used to do it with soap and water.  I was doing alright with this but sometimes my skin gets dry with bath soap and I just can't avoid razor burns.  They are painful and irritable; good thing I always have a stock of black tea at home.  The tea provides an instant relief to razor burns because the tannins in the brew will reduce redness and inflammation.  Well anyway, I'm not about to talk about the tea.  I'm here to talk about my latest discoveries which are the safety razor and shaving soap.

I love that this razor doesn't clog with longer hair legs and it doesn't get dull too quickly. I don't have to change the blades too often!  The soap not only moisturizes and makes the skin of my legs feel smooth; it also helps the razor glide easily on my skin.  My shaving time was cut into half ever since I've had this great combination.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

wii fun!

Sometimes I can't help but wish there are two wii remotes. Weekends are wii times and every time, each of my boys (hubs included!) wants to be in control.  Sometimes I find them struggling on the floor for the remote.  It's funny but they are even more active as to who gets it first than with the game itself.  It adds to the fun so I just let them do what they want.  I admit I also have fun watching them.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WW - Juicy Lychees

Wordless Wednesday

Preparing For The Babies

We are busy preparing our home for the coming of my grandchildren. They'll be moving in with us in a few weeks. They are twins and so everything has to be double. They're mom and dad are set to work abroad and we'll be the ones to take care of them.Honestly, my husband, son and me are all elated. We would love to have them stay with us. We are fixing up their Mom's old room to serve as their nursery. We are baby proofing the house inside out.

We have bought two playpens for them. A new door had been installed that leads to our room. Access to the twins will be easier. The flooring had been changed with a cushioned one. No sharp edged furniture and all the electrical outlets have been baby proofed as well. We have put up an infant playground in our backyard. My husband has also installed an infant swing for each of the twins. An infant slide and a small playhouse completed the ensemble. A sandbox for them to play in has been constructed.

Hopefully we have covered everything. We can now have peace of mind knowing our grandchildren can move safely both inside and outside our house.

Preparing For A Feast

We are preparing for a feast. My grandchildren will be christened in a few weeks. I'm bringing out my fine china and I'm listing down what we'll be serving. I'll use my silverware and my favorite quilted placemats. From my last count, about eighty guests will be coming. I will have to make an impressive spread. My husband already ordered a roast calf. Everyone will be expecting me to serve my killer lasagna. I will have to prepare some canapes and other finger foods. Of course, good wine for the cheese platter. I must also serve one of each, beef, fish and fowl, I will also be serving veggies for my vegan guests. Our guests will have a choice of brown rice and bread to go with their viands. Our grill will definitely be very busy.

The desserts will be a different story. I'm not very at baking pastries. I will have to leave that to the professionals. I have ordered a fondant cake. I'll also be serving homemade pistachio and dark chocolate extra thick ice cream. It is a mainstay of every party I've  hosted. I will be busy as a bee as the day of the christening nears. I have to buy all my ingredients as soon as possible.  

Backyard Makeover

We have to redo our backyard for my grandchildren's christening. We're expecting many guests. Our backyard is big enough to hold a party. We have to replace every outdoor furniture cushion. The old ones have seen better days. We also bought a big tent and some table and chairs. We have also replaced all the cracked tiles and some boards of the gazebo's flooring. We put up additional outdoor lights. The plant boxes have all been repainted. The outside washrooms have been cleaned as well. All the shrubs and trees will be trimmed and the lawn mowed. The fountain has been refurbished

Everything looks set for the big day. We're double checking everything to make sure we've covered everything. The grill has been cleaned. A mini stage will be constructed a few days before the party. Several electrical outlets will be installed for the extra lights. We will be needing hundreds of feet of wiring. The entire makeover will be finished on time. All that is left to do is prepare the food we'll be serving. Hopefully the guests will have a good time. I also hope that my grandchildren will have a memorable christening. I'll make sure that they'll have it. 

RT/WW - Roses at the Lobby

Wordless Wednesday

Why I Love Straight Talk

I am going crazy with my son's phone bill!  For the past three months, his bills were bigger then mine and hubs'.  I try so much not to call and send text messages so much but these kids can't seem to stop punching the keys of their cellphones.  And I know I share this dilemma to other moms!
So when my sister told me about Straight Talk and how it can cut our cellphone bills into half, I was thinking if this is another Hook, line and sinker.  But when I saw the video, I knew we had to have this.  Watch it here...
After talking it out with my husband, we immediately made the switch.  Imagine no contracts and no surprise bills; we don't need to be tied up with them for two years.  That's the best!
For $45 you can have as much as 1000 minutes for calls, 1000 texts and and unlimited surfing hours.  I used to pay more for 20 minutes free call and 500 texts! This is absolutely Everything you need in a plan; you can Call a friend for hours, talk to your family, and surf the web as much as you want!  My boys also loved the amazing phone deals.  For an added $10, you can get phones with with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth capability.  They are reconditioned phones but who would know?  
End your sufferings from high phone bills.  Check these amazing plans now!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Smooth Away Cellulite

The reason behind cellulite is often a buildup of toxins that cause connective tissue to weaken, allowing bouyant fat cells to rise to the surface.

To smoothen the dimples, a daily massage increases the lymphatic drainage of toxins in trouble areas, which can reduce cellulite by up to 50 percent.

To do:  Apply olive oil to your ankles and massage into skin in long, deep strokes as you move up your leg. 

She's going to be an actress

While my siblings and I were growing up none of were artistically inclined.  Mom tried ballet and dancing schools for me and my sister but we just weren't interested.  She also bought an organ so the three of us will learn to play.  She hired a teacher who would come once a week to give each of us an hour's session.  We came to hate Saturdays because of that!  Then mom finally accepted that we never wanted those things and gave up.  All three of us would rather get into sports than to become artists.

Well mom may not have a ballerina or a musician for a child but she's definitely going to have an actress for a grandchild.  My niece loves to act and she plans of going to an acting school right after high school.  She is a very active member of their drama club and is always game to go to an audition.  She and her friends have been to several casting calls since last week.  Mom is very excited and is always on the look out for an open casting call.

Everyone one of us  is giving her full support.  It would really be nice to have an artist in the family.

I'm sorry Mom

My husband was away when my doorbell was busted.  At first I thought it was just the batteries so I thought I'd just change them.  I was out of batteries so I had to run to the store to get some.  Well lo and behold, it's really busted!

I wanted to wait until my husband returns from a week-long convention but yesterday ,my mom visited.  I had no idea that she has been standing there for more than 30 minutes calling my name and it was raining really hard.  I was busy cleaning upstairs and couldn't hear her.  It was only when I was bringing out the garbage when I noticed someone at the door.  Oh mom, I'm really sorry.

As soon as she's gone, I went to the the hardware to buy a wireless doorbell.  Well actually I was only looking for a simple door chime but when I saw these wireless doorbells and discovered how easy they are to install, I purchased it.  At least I didn't need to call my brother to help me with it.  When my kids got home that day, they were surprised that we had a new chime and it's a wireless door bell.  I'm sure hubs will be surprised too.   

The Hummingbird Test

You Are Wise

Introspective and reflective, you think about everything and anything. Your mind never rests.

You are a soft-hearted daydreamer. You long for your ideal life.

You take care of yourself and those around you. You don't stretch yourself too thinly.

You don't accept apologies easily. Actions mean much more to you than words do.

Get Rid of Chicken Skin

photo credit:

When the skin's keratin proteins form hardened plugs in the follicles, chicken skin occurs.  To soften the skin, apply lotion that 12 percent lactic acid after showering.  Your skin can appear smoother in as little as two weeks. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

When You Feel Gloomy

Do cloudy skies have you feeling gloomy?  Slather on a ginger lotion and the gloomy feeling will be gone in a cinch.  To do:  combine 1 cup of unscented lotion or sweet almond oil, the contents of 3 vitamin E capsules and 5 drops of ginger essential oil.  Right after your shower (or throughout the day to soften) massage the mixture into skin, focusing on the decollete and parched areas.

Ginger has compounds that help improve mental alertness and memory and relieve headaches.  Its gingerol also warms skin and revs circulation.

The Supplements Helped Him

I'm not the kind of person who would easily pop a pill in my mouth when I'm not feeling better.  I would try to find natural remedies first and see if they work; and they usually do.  Although I have no problems with taking vitamins, I feel the same way with supplements as with medications.

It was only when something happened to my father in law some years ago that I have changed my views about supplements.  We already knew that two of his arteries were blocked but he decided against the bypass surgery.  He changed his diet, exercised, took the meds given to him as well as the discount supplements given by his bestfriend.  He never had any attacks after the first one.  It was only during his executive check up that his doctor decided to admit him.  There was another blocked artery so the whole family decided for the surgery.  His doctor was amazed that he lasted 6 years in that condition.  He is a doctor but he credited FIL's supplements.

Since then, my family and I are taking food supplements.  I usually get them at a discount from Carlson Labs and  Douglas Labs.  I believe that no matter how hard we try to live and eat healthy, we don't always get the essential vitamins and nutrients from food alone.  The supplements ensure we get all of those daily. 

Homey Feeling

Do you hate the smell of clinics or hospitals?  I do!  Instead of getting better quickly sometimes the feel and smell of your room will only make you feeling more sick.  Do you also have that feeling?  Oh, I have nothing against hospitals it's just that I think the patients will get better fast if they feel more at home in their room.

When my daughter gave birth to her twins a couple of months ago, I made sure she'd get a homey feeling.  Right before she was wheeled into her room after spending hours at the recovery room, I brought out my luxury bedding and fixed her hospital bed.  I also sprayed her favorite cologne so she would at least feel like she was in her own bedroom.  The only thing that reminded her she was still in the hospital was the doctors and nurses who kept coming in to check on her.

She felt a terrible pain the very next morning but somehow the homey feeling helped ease her pain.  Sure enough, her recovery was quick to think that she gave birth through Ceasarian section.  Had they not waited for the twins' newborn testing, they could have been home a couple of days after she gave birth.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RT/WW - Red Teapot

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, September 2, 2011

Soothe Your Tootsies

Working too hard can leave your feet sore and achy... and calloused.  To relieve both, try a detox that will make them feeling fresh again in the morning.  Here's how to do it:  Mix 1/4 cup  of plain yogurt with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  Then spread a thin layer of the mixture on the gauze of two large square self-adhesive bandages, and apply to the bottoms of clean feet before bed.  The vinegar will help draw out toxins while the lactic acid in yogurt will help soften the soles of your feet.

Touring The Boroughs

My sister is on a UK tour with some of her friends. Their first and last stop will be London. Mad about football, they'll be making the rounds of some of UK's football teams. With a very tight itinerary, their group will always be on the go. Their day is packed with activity and will hardly have the time to eat a regular meal. They will have to rely on takeaway meals. They've done their homework well. They have scouted the areas they'll be visiting and have a list of restaurants they can order from ahead of time. All they have to do is pickup their food and away they go.

Their first stop is Fulham, Chelsea's and Fulham's hometown. The day's schedule was quite hectic. Their day ended quite late and chinese delivery Fulham saved the day. They had a late dinner of pork wraps, steamed and fried dimsum, and noodles. Their meal was a small feast in itself. It was enough to recharge their bodies for the next day's activities. There were enough leftovers for a light breakfast to see them through the morning.

Next stop was Arsenal's Islington. There were more places to see here and more entertainment for its residents and guests alike. This experience is more cultural than their visit to Fulham. Even the food here is more diverse. Italian and Turkish delicacies give the group a more diverse option for their hungry tummies. This time they had their comfort foo, pizza. The treat was a welcome delight for their palate. The Islington delivery was a welcome service for them. They had a hearty meal and snacks they could take along for their next tour.

Last stop of their London sorjourn was the borough of Greenwich. This place is the Mean Time's home. It also has a great naval history and of course, the origin of the Tudors. Thanks to the Greenwich delivery, they had a ready snack of fish and chips. More historical the their first two trips, the tour really made them hungry. They chose curry to fill their hunger. The place is more modern and they enjoyed it the most.
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