What Comprises a Good Deep Hydrating Mask

A deep hydrating mask is specifically designed to provide the skin with a hydrating boost. This helps not only to rejuvenate and replenish the lost moisture of our skin but also prevent premature skin aging. It is best to choose one that is transparent so that you need not walk around with a green face while the mask is on.  You wouldn't want to scare your kids with mudpacks!  ;)

A good deep hydrating mask is made of a blend of vitamins and natural ingredients plus acids and essential oils that our skin needs. It should contain ingredients that are known to regenerate skin and stimulate skin cell growth. It should also fit the face perfectly. When should you apply it?  It's best used a good half hour before going to bed so that the skin has the whole night to absorb all the good nutrients contained in the mask. Do this and there is no doubt you will wake up with a fully hydrated face and healthy looking skin.

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