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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WW - Mom,help!!!!

Wordless Wednesday

This is what happens when a dog gets too curious.

Finding A New Camera

End of the month means I can withdraw my blogging earnings.  :)  I'm glad August is almost over, it's a very dry month for me.  Money was tight the whole month and I don't know why the unexpected expenses have to add to the drama  -- new battery for the car, Joey's rir conditioner broke down, kitchen faucet had to be replaced.  Still, I'm thankful those are just little things and nothing major like someone in the family getting sick.  For the coming month, I know I can breathe easy and already, I'm looking at some digital cameras on the internet.  Mai accidentally dropped our digital camera  and according to the technician who checked it, the damage is severe, it cannot be repaired.

Boys Night Out

Hubs was out with our friend Ronnie yesterday.  Ron asked  for his help, he wanted to purchase an insurance but he is confused on whether to get a life or a term life insurance.  He wanted hub's  opinion on the life insurance and the term life insurance quotes given to him by different companies.  Knowing these guys, I'm sure it was just an excuse for them to go out, lol. Hubs came home not so late but little tipsy.

Make Your Skin Glow With Fennel

For youthful, glowing skin, eat fennel.  I got this tip from famous chef Sarah Moutton.  She says, she feels youthful and strong after eating fennel.  Why?  Fennel, often a neglected vegetable, is packed with vitamin C and a distinct combination of flavonoids. (including the glycosides rutin, quercetin and kaempferol) that reduces oxidative damage to bodily cells.  Add it to salads or other dishes.  Fennel's flavor are unique and scrumptious.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RT|WW - You want some?

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mosquito Bites

When mosquitoes make a snack of your legs, the inflammation that results can cause bumps to get scaly or leave discolored pimple-like scars long after the itching stops.  You can prevent it by applying oil of lemon eucalyptus on your skin.  It's proven to be as effective as chemical-based anti-mosquito lotions.

If you do get bitten, don't scratch it.  Rub a dry bar of soap on the area then dab 1% hydrocortisone cream on the bump to ease the itch.  Or rub the bite with the inside of a banana peel.  It's polysaccharide sink into skin cells and soothe the inflammation.

Cheaper Health Insurance

Health insurance have always been an issue in most companies here.  Why?  Because many of the employees can't afford  to pay premiums.  Even those who already have are struggling  to pay for the monthly or quarterly premiums. That's one reason why many of us don't have health insurance.  What they don't know is that health insurance in nc and in any other state are offered at very affordable plans.  It is customizable (that's the best part!) and you have the option to select the appropriate deductibles to meet your budget.  Check it out for more info.

Traveling Senior

My uncle and grandfather are traveling to the US next month.  Lolo's (grandfather) doctor says, although he is on a pacemaker, he is fit to travel.  He is 86 and a US veteran.  He wants to see his other children and grandchildren in the States and lolo is very excited because it's been more that 15 years since he last visited. Mom wants to make sure though, she's been asking around if respironics oxygen concentrators are okay to use.  She wants to get one for lolo just in case.  I'd like to find out too so I'll be checking it out in a bit after I'm done with my tasks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WW - You want me to do what?!?

Wordless Wednesday

"You can whip me, starve me, or send me to the pound.... but I am not smelling those!"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Much Chlorine

A dip in the pool definitely saves your sanity when the temperature shoots up, but chlorine strips our skin of protective oils.  And without those natural hydrators, our skin will crack and peel, leaving us susceptible to irritants.

You will hate me if I tell you, "NO SWIMMING!"  Lol.  The trick to avoid it is to rinse with tap water when you step out of the pool.  Then reapply sunscreen, which will shield and hydrate skin.

If your skin is already irritated, wash with a gentle cleanser to soothe itch.  Then apply a lotion containing glycerin like Cetaphil.

Backyard Furniture

I found some cute backyard furniture and accessories over at Best Price Toys.  My kids and I have always loved sitting at MIL's wooden swing.  Every weekend that we were there, we'd spend the afternoons at that swing reading and sometimes napping.  I wanted to have one of those wooden swing sets, too bad I don't have a big backyard.  If you're looking to have them in your yard, they're having a price mark down at Best Price.  This is your chance to get them at a very low price.

It was cuz!

I thought someone was terribly mistaken and is collecting money from me.  I got a call earlier telling me about the money I owe her and that I should pay.  I told the caller that I don't remember owing someone some money, the caller suddenly laughed.  Annoyed, I asked who she was.  It was my cousin!  She was testing her voice changer.  She said she got one because some of her clients owe her money and she's having a hard time to collect.  Every time she calls they pretend not to be there.  She thinks a voice changer can do the trick.  Well, good luck cuz!

Tired and Sleepy

Thank goodness daughter's rigid cruise ship training is finally over.  The school is so far away from our home so she had to get up real early so she won't be late for her class, then she goes home late and tired.  This morning we were there for their recognition day, then we had lunch after the event.  I was supposed to pass by the DIY shop in Gateway on our way home to check the Kohler kitchen faucets my mom has been telling me, but I had forgotten all about it.  We were all tired and everybody wanted to go home immediately to catch some sleep.  I'll probably go out tomorrow to check the faucets and look for some barrel bolts for the store as well.

My Perfect Gifts

My brother and my SIL got their home loan approval two weeks ago.  They are now in the process of moving to their new home.  Trying to save some more money, they decided not to hire a professional mover.  He is doing it on his own a little at a time.  I had no idea he was applying for a home loan because he didn't tell any of us but I don't know what got into me, I probably got a hunch, I sent him four bidet sprayers, when my aunt visited last month. I got them really cheap because I bought them wholesale. When he called last week, he told me those bidet sprayers are perfect because they are moving and his new home has guess what?  Four toilet and baths!

Buying Insurance

When you're renewing or buying car insurance for the first time, the best way to find the right company is to check if they offer you policies that would cover every thing that you can encounter. There are so many car insurance companies on the internet that offers competitive rates.  And there are those that offer so many riders and add-ons, many of these you don't really need so make sure to specify what you only need. A reliable company must be able to provide you with instant access to quotations for premiums. Quotes will give you a better understanding of what and how much you will be covered for, plus you get to compare them with other companies so you'll end up getting the lowest deal.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RT|WW - The Brown Lady

Wordless Wednesday

The photos of the chocolate sculpture was snapped by my daughter last week when their class visited the World Food Expo.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RT|WW - Fountain

Wordless Wednesday

Beach Lovers

My family loves going to the beach.  We try to visit at least one resort every summer.  We have been to the north and south of Luzon, and even went to as far as Boracay.  We've never tried going overseas though, not yet because of the budget.  But not traveling abroad to try the beaches doesn't mean we're not looking.  Of course there's the internet to view the wonderful resorts of the Royal Caribbean and all those luxury resorts that we often see on Discovery Travel and Living.  We may be faraway from visiting those beautiful beaches but I'm hopeful that our time will come.

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