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Friday, April 29, 2011


Paint your nails!  Recent research shows that a bit of self pampering like buying a new shoes or trying an at home facial, shifts the mind's focus inward and away from outside agitators.  Pampering yourself can alleviate stress for up to 24 hours.

Bargain Hunting

I got a new rocker, a blue one.  Nope, it's not new but it does look like new.  Thanks to my SIL and her new discovery,  garage sales tracker.  A lover of antiques, my SIL is the expert when it comes to garage sales.  That's since she knew about the site and downloaded the app Garage Sales Tracker on her iPhone.  She now has access to every yard or garage sale in their area.  She loves that the iPhone app allows her to bookmark all the garage sales within her area.  That way she doesn't have to track them down for herself. And with the help of the trip planner, also a new feature of the website, it automatically plans her trips to the shops, saving her a lot of time and gasoline.  The app organizes all the garage sales according to schedule while the trip planner plans out and optimizes driving directions.  Two great features that helps her find wonderful items for less.

I am not really a fan of garage sales but I am also loving these features. I never thought I could find great items that still looked like new, for a steal!  The rocker I got looked perfect in my patio.  I've changed my mind about garage sales and have downloaded the app, too.  I have always admired her antiques and I never thought she got them from the different garage sales she's been to.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Enjoying Summer

For the first time in five years, my son is free from summer lessons.  He used to have difficulties in math and although his grades were not failing marks, he was required to take remedial classes, a sort of review lessons.  He spent three weeks of every summer, in the last five years studying math.  Lol.  But, this summer is different.  Hubs and I were surprised that he passed the subject.  Not with flying colors though, but a little above average.  Surprising because he used to complain a lot about math -- he hates it, it's difficult, he hates homework, etc., etc.  We don't know what happened with the sudden change, though he claims he still hates the subject, haha.  But we are very happy with the turn of events, of course.

And because his summer would not be occupied with math lessons, he is enjoying the hot days with his friends.  Just recently, they spent one weekend at the beach and are thinking of going back.  Another friend is encouraging him to join youth outreach programs.  Though he has not signed up yet, he is pretty decided about joining Sing For Hope.  The boy loves to sing and he has a good voice and I'm happy that he'll join.  The program will start next week, and should he decided to continue, he can do so even if school is back.

We're really glad that he is enjoying his summer vacation and he is being useful.  Hubs and I are giving him our support, 100 percent.

Weight Problems

Although I have always been on the heavy side, losing weight had not been a big problem.   Yeah I would gain some, but if I work out really hard, I would lose them again.  Not until I quit smoking.  In only a few months, I gained about twenty pounds and even if I was working out, the weight won't budge.  I was thinking, maybe atro phex would help.  I was a bit doubtful about diet pills but when it did wonders to my friend, I'd like to try it too.  It gets frustrating when you know you're doing your best but nothing is happening.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RT|WW - Frozen Grapes

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Treat Sunburn with Milk and Honey

Honey has been used to reduce redness, alleviate sunburns and heal parched skin.  Studies also prove that mild burns heal faster when covered with honey than when left untreated.  Honey has intense moisturizing properties and is found to be antimicrobial so the burn heals faster.

To soothe and heal sunburn, look for a cream that has honey and milk in it.  Whole milk has been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects that instantly soothe tender skin after a day of too much fun in the sun.

They found Treasure!

For the Holy Week, and since it was my mom's birthday last Friday, we have decided to spend it at the beach.  The kids had so much fun, sunburned but very happy.  We went to a friend's villa at La Playa Resort in Pagbilao, Quezon.  We left Thursday morning, it was a three hour drive from Manila and we arrived shortly before lunch.

After a hearty meal, the kids immediately went to the pool to swim.  When the sun started to set, they went back to the villa to get their fisher metal detectors then went to the beach.  It must have been their lucky day because both of my kids found themselves each an old coin.  One silver and one gold.  They are now with me for safe keeping, haha.  We have not checked, but who knows, they might be worth something, right?

Anyway, going back to my story, we all took a rest on Friday.  That was Good Friday so we only went to church that day.  The fun resumed the following day where we all went fishing and snorkeling.  The kids couldn't get over the "treasures" they found so they searched the sands again with their metal detectors.  Tough luck though, because they didn't find any until our last day of stay at the villa.

It was a fun and relaxing vacation and although I have my hands full with tons of work in the next weeks to come, the family is looking forward to another beach adventure before the summer ends.

A Positive First Impression

If you are into business, any business at that, then you know how important first impressions are.  A good first impression is vital for your business to thrive.  We have a saying that "You only have one opportunity to make a first impression," therefore your first impression shouldn't only be positive, but it should last.  You want to make sure your product is the only item a person would ever think whenever he needed to purchase that item.

And how would you do that? Aside from making the best quality products, you of course, should think of how you would present it to your customers. An impressive packaging with the use of your very own custom tape would definitely leave a trail.  Some other companies may be using this approach already and the differences might seem little, but a unique and catchy design could be very significant. Use a custom design that will set you apart from other products.  Play with attractive colors and you're sure to catch anyone's attention.   Follow this and your name or brand will definitely stick in people's minds, more so if they are seeing what they like.

If your customers are like me who gets attracted by pretty packaging then you have an edge among your competitors.  Of course, I also make sure that I buy only quality products, but it is the look and the packaging that catches my attention first.  Any customer will be more than satisfied with a quality product that comes with a beautiful packaging.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soon To Be A Mom

How time flies!  The little girl who used to love playing house and who wouldn't stop bugging me until I got her a wooden play kitchen set, is now all grown up and soon to be a mommy.  I don't know if I have mentioned it in this blog that my first born got married and very soon we will be blessed with twin girls.

Although my friends are saying that I am too young to be a grandmother, I am so excited that our family will be blessed again with children.  I can already imagine the noise and the fun of having kids playing fighting around the house again.  The fights were mind blowing but I admit that I miss the bickerings.  Lol.  My husband is excited too that they're having girls.  I don't know but he seems more attached with girls.  He is very close to our daughter and he is actually more excited than me.

The proud parents are of course, very excited too.  The twins have not come out yet, but already, they are shopping for so many things.  I asked them to stop shopping for toys because they don't even know what the twins would like.  I told them that when she was a toddler, she never liked real toys.  A wooden ladle and a plastic container already made her happy.  It was only when she was older that she wanted all the toys that she can get.  For sure, it's going to be the same with the twins.

The Insulator

I have mentioned before that last November, my brother and his wife purchased a house.  Well, it's not entirely new but it's still in great condition, except for a few minor things.  They moved in right before Christmas, but they did not have time to redecorate because my sister in law gave birth to Nikki unexpectedly.  The baby was supposed to arrive January of this year, but she came out early.

Nikki is four months old now and things are kind of back to normal with them. My brother has finished fixing some things inside the house and is now getting started with the attic.  He will be fixing the attic cover and is looking at some attic tents on the internet.  Hubs had told him to put one because it will keep their home more comfortable during summer and winter.  Heating the house during the cold months of winter and cooling it during the hot months of summer will be more economical with the tent that acts as an insulator.

That's what hubs did in our attic door.  Though we don't have winter here, the tent gives us cooler air during summer.  If you live or you have been in a tropical country, then you know how scorching hot our days are during summer time.  It's still hot even on not-so rainy days. The tent was a gift from his uncle who visited us from the US a couple of years ago and our house has been cooler since.


I attended a symposium a few weeks ago. I was astonished to see the innovative mediums that were used. Wall partitions were made of fabric.  What caught my attention was the fabric can be used in different configurations. No need for expensive nails or tacks which can only be used once. Reusable velcro strips can be used to stick advertising materials, posters and notes to stick them to these fabric walls. And because velcro tapes were used on the Fabric Bulletin Board, you can use it over and over again.  Nail marks can easily destroy ordinary wall bulletin boards.

Imagine how much cost will be cut from the budget? No need to hire professionals to install these because you can do it yourself. Labor cost will also be cut. I wonder why no one ever thought of this before, imagine how environmentally friendly this innovation is? At a time when the environment is a worldwide concern,this new product is as green as it can get. I'm sure a lot of businesses, especially those who want to help the environment will turn to the wall fabrics.

I was told that they also come in different widths and length. It also comes in different colors and graphics. Frames can be adjusted to follow the contours you like. This is not only good for expos and seminars, they can also be used in social events like weddings and other social gatherings.  Sections can be enclosed for specific uses like preparation areas and accommodation areas. It's truly an amazing innovation and I will not be so surprised if I see a lot of these fabric walls  around soon.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RT|WW - California Maki

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, April 14, 2011

100 Dogs

I'm a dog lover and I treat my dogs like babies. The dog isn't just man's best friend but also works for us. There are seeing-eye dogs for the blind, sniffing dogs that help curb smuggling and terrorism. And there are dogs that pull sleds for outdoors men and winter rescuers. Dogs are sometimes even more humane than humans. I came across a recent report of animal cruelty wherein 100 dogs were culled to cut loses.

I cannot comprehend why such act had to be undertaken. These dogs could have been given away instead of being put down. The poor creatures have served their masters well and the least they could have done was to put them up for adoption. What a way to repay a loyal employee who has given them wealth.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RT|WW - Perfect on this hot day!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RT|WW - Red Ginger Flower

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easy Bust Lift

If you have breast-fed a baby, you know that what was once up can come down.  But you can boost your bust again with this simple trick.  To do:  Massage vitamin E oil, then seal it in with a cocoa butter hydrating cream, which will plump and firm the skin.

Never Again

Why is it that when you need it the most, the air conditioning breaks down?  That's what happened last year during the height of summer.  It was 40 degrees outside and the heat was terrible, and when I turned on the air con there was no power.  Dang!  Hubs immediate called for an Air Conditioning Ft Mill service It didn't take too long and the two men arrived to check the air con.
First thing they asked if it had been cleaned in the past and I said no.  It turned out the compressor was full of dust and dirt, and because it has not been cleaned ever since it was bought, it broke down.  It caused us dearly to have the compressor replaced.  As soon as the service men left, we had cool and clean air in the room.  I will have it checked two times a year so I won't have to spend for a new compressor or a new air conditioning unit again.
One of the men also said that I'll save more on electricity bills if the air con is always clean because the compressor does not have to work too hard to cool the air.  I know better now. 
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